Colleges in Australia Accepting GMAT

Although many Australian colleges do not require applicants to submit GMAT results, many do. Which institutions are these? We will discover this in today's article. Colleges in Australia accepting GMAT provide a variety of professional and academic management courses that rely on these scores to admit the applicants to their prestigious institutions.

Colleges in Australia Accepting GMAT

Before discussing GMAT accreditation and Australian colleges that accept the exam, it is important to understand what the GMAT is. It is an admission test that is only used to accept students to management courses, as is evident from the language. Let's find out more about that.

What is the GMAT?

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is recognized worldwide, not just in Australia. It functions as a lone admission exam for overseas students, enabling them to get admitted to higher study at prestigious universities. Therefore, in most situations, all you need to do is prepare for the GMAT if you want to enroll in a top management program at a prestigious Australian institution. One of the management landscape's most important exams should not be missed, it is advised. We will now talk about the institutions that accept GMAT, or the major GMAT-accepting colleges in Australia, even if some prestigious universities assess your work experience before approving your application. However, before that, let's look at the importance of GMAT in Australia.

Why is GMAT in Australia Important?

The Graduate Management Admission Test, or GMAT as it is more popularly known, is a universally recognized entrance exam for international students looking to enroll in management programs overseas. You must study for the GMAT exam in order to be admitted to a business management degree at a prestigious Australian institution.

Business students who take the GMAT will have an advantage over those who don't because the test emphasizes quantitative and analytical thinking. Additionally, you can take the test online, giving you the option to do so from the comfort of your home and keep trying to get higher exam scores. Because of this, a lot of students studying business management now prefer to take the GMAT for Australian institutions and then apply for admission to the program based on the GMAT score.

GMAT is a good first step for students wishing to pursue a career in the management industry. How? Here are the importance of GMAT:

GMAT immproves quantitative and critical skills

Students who take the GMAT have the chance to improve themselves and their capacity to qualify in crucial abilities necessary for management courses. Due to the test's emphasis on qualitative abilities, students taking the GMAT have an advantage because their aptitude is also tested.

It gives accessibility to students

A student can attempt the GMAT from the comfort of their home if they have already decided to do so. The fact that the GMAT is available online and may be taken anywhere in the world gives pupils a sense of accessibility. This feature of the GMAT facilitates students' exam preparation and plays a significant role in their learning for the management course. Additionally, it offers pupils an alternative to the common offline exams, preparing them for various professional pathways.

Helps land popular management courses

Similar to the previous argument, the GMAT is still crucial because it maintains the possibility of admission to renowned management courses. These courses have a lot of promise and, if taken seriously, can aid in obtaining lucrative employment.


List of Colleges in Australia Accepting GMAT

Most Australian universities enquire for a GMAT score. However, each university will have its own set of score requirements. Therefore, before studying for the GMAT, it's crucial to know what score is needed at the university of your dreams.

The names of the universities, their most recent QS rankings, the most popular management courses offered at each institution, and the average GMAT scores that were accepted are given below.

Continue reading to learn more about Australian colleges accepting the GMAT.

Name of University Founding Year QS Ranking Popular Courses Average GMAT Score 
The University of Melbourne 1853 33 MBA Executive MBA Master of Business Analytics Master of Marketing 695
University of New South Wales 1949 45 MBAExecutive MBA 686
Monash University 1958 57 Masters Of Business Administration 650
Macquarie University 1964 195

MBA (Master of Business Administration)

Global MBA (Global Master of Business Administration)

Master of Management

The University of Queensland 1909 50 Master of Business Administration (MBA)Master of BusinessMaster of Business AnalyticsMaster of Entrepreneurship and InnovationMaster of Global Management 550
University of Western Australia 1911 90 Master of Business Administration 650
RMIT University 1992 190 Master of Business Administration 590
University of South Australia 1991 363 Master of Business Administration International Master of Business Administration 590

GMAT Accepting Colleges in Australia: MBA and Minimum Score Required

One of the most popular degrees in management is the Master of Business Administration (MBA). Let's look at the minimal GMAT score needed for an MBA in Australia.

Universities Minimum GMAT score
The University of Sydney 550
The University of Melbourne 705
Australian National University  600
The University of Adelaide 500
University of Technology Sydney  550

Top Management Jobs and Salary in Australia

A variety of employment and wages are waiting for you after you successfully complete the management courses and qualify for the GMAT at an Australian university that accepts the GMAT. Look down.

Job Positions Salaries
Manager AUD 1,20,000 
Senior Manager AUD 1,60,000
Lead Manager AUD 1,50,000
Operations Manager AUD 1,07,500
Plant Manager AUD 1,80,000


Furthermore, here are some of the most frequently asked questions about colleges in Australia accepting GMAT.

How often can you take the GMAT in Australia, in a year?

You can write GMAT in Australia as much as five times a year.

How much GMAT score is required for Australia?

For an MBA, a GMAT score of 550 is needed for admission to Australian universities. On the other side, a score of 600 or more is regarded as competitive.

Is GMAT accepted by Australian universities?

Yes, the GMAT is accepted by most Australian universities.


Is GMAT required for a Master’s in Australia?

Yes, it is recommended that you have a good qualifiable GMAT score for pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration in Australia.

Can I get admission to Australia without GMAT?

Yes. Since many colleges do not recognize GMAT scores, you can apply for admission to an Australian university without one. Additionally, you can aim to make your whole student profile excellent by include things like a solid SOP, LORs, resumes, work experience, etc.

Does the University of Melbourne require GMAT?

All candidates for the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) and all Doctoral programs must submit GMAT exam results. To assure a high caliber cohort at the university, test scores are further necessary for admission to specific specialty masters programs.

Is GMAT compulsory for MBA in Australia?

Yes, the majority of Australian MBA institutions require applicants to have a strong GMAT score. GMAT colleges in Australia will decide how to handle your application based on these scores.

Is there GMAT for Australian universities?

Yes, a GMAT exam score of roughly 550 is needed to be admitted to Australian colleges for an MBA degree. A score of 600 or more is thought to be competitive, nevertheless.

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