Luxembourg Airport Transit Visa (Type 'A' Visa)

if you are traveling to Luxembourg, you will need a Schengen Visa if you are a citizen of a non-Schengen country without a visa-free travel agreement with the area, or if you have been refused visa-free travel.

Luxembourg Airport Transit Visa (Type 'A' Visa)

When the purpose of your trip to the country is to change your airport document or transportation documents, you will need a type 'A' visa. If you are a citizen of a Schengen country and are changing your air trip documents within Schengen territory, you will also need a type 'A' visa. This is the primary purpose of this article.

About Luxembourg

Luxembourg, located between France, Germany, and Belgium, is a small, hilly, forested country. Its magnificent medieval capital is a central economic hub. As part of the Schengen Area of European countries that have abolished border controls between each other, a Luxembourg Schengen Visa is required for short trips lasting less than 90 days to Luxembourg.

As mentioned previously, the country is between France, Belgium, and Germany; it is a small, predominantly French-speaking nation with a population of 626,000. Luxembourg recognizes French and German as official languages in addition to its national language, Luxembourgish; the country's culture is a unique blend of these two influences. Luxembourg is one of the smallest European countries in terms of both land area and population, and more than half of its citizens are foreigners. Officially known as the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, the constitutional democracy maintains a largely ceremonial royal family led by a Grand Duke.

The small landmass and population of Luxembourg belie the country's immense international presence. Its capital, Luxembourg City, is one of only four official EU capitals and the seat of the EU's most significant judicial branch: the European Union Court of Justice. Its fortifications and old quarters are a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a testament to the city's history as one of Europe's largest fortifications. Luxembourg is known as a financial center and has one of the highest per capita GDPs in the world. Visitors to this small but significant nation can appreciate its historic architecture, extensive forests and nature preserves, and distinctive Franco-German culture and cuisine.

What is AirPort Transit Visa?

An air Transit Visa is also called type 'A', it is the type of visa mainly for persons who only need to enter a particular country's airport to change their means of transportation or air trip.

What is an Airport Transit Schengen Visa?

Airport Transit Schengen Visas are issued to passengers who must change flights at a Schengen airport. It allows them to wait in the international transit area of a Schengen airport for their flight documents to be changed or amended.

However, the holder of this visa is not permitted to leave the international transit area of an airport, even if the traveler must wait overnight.

Please be advised that if you must transit through multiple airports within the Schengen Area, you are no longer eligible for an Airport Transit Visa. You must instead apply for a standard Schengen Visa (C Type).


This is because flights between two or more Schengen countries are regarded as "domestic" flights, even if they are conducted for transit purposes.

What is Luxembourg Airport Transit Visa?

A Luxembourg airport transit visa is a document that permits foreigners to enter the country to change he or their flight at the Luxembourg airport.

The Requirements for Airport Schengen Visa (Visa type 'A'):

The required documents to apply for an Airport Transit Schengen Visa are as follows:

  1. Visa application form. A regular short-stay visa application form, fully completed, printed, and signed at the end.
  2. Two recent photos. Taken within the last three months and according to the requirements for a Schengen visa photo.
  3. Valid passport. With at least two blank pages to be able to affix the visa sticker in it. It must be no older than ten years and with validity.
  4. Documents related to the onward journey to the final destination
  5. Return flight ticket reservation showing the ongoing travel to a third country
  6. Visa issued by the country of your travel destination in case you need a visa
  7. Travel insurance policy. That covers any medical emergencies with a minimum of €30,000.
  8. Proof of paid visa fee. Which costs the same as a short-stay visa.

Processing Time for your Schengen Type 'A' Visa:

The Luxembourg Schengen visa processing time is generally 15 days, although it can take up to 45 days in some instances.

When they Approve your Luxembourg Schengen visa:

Collect your visa and ensure the information it contains is valid and complete and corresponds with the purpose of your visa trip.

In case they Reject your Luxembourg Schengen visa:

If you receive a Schengen visa rejection for Luxembourg, you (or your legal representative) have the right to appeal within 3 months.

Begin this process by picking up your standard issued-visa refusal form, which describes why your request was denied and explains the detailed steps of the appeal process.
If you decide to proceed, you must file an appeal with a court lawyer at the administrative tribunal.
Please note you may have to pay an appeal fee, which is likely non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the appeal (positive or negative).

Where to Apply for your Luxembourg Schengen Visa:

Applications for Schengen visas to Luxembourg should be submitted in person at either a Luxembourg Consulate or via the consulate of a Schengen state representing Luxembourg consular interests.
Ideally, you will lodge your application in the country where you legally reside/hold a residence permit.
Click here to find Luxembourg Consulates/Embassies nearest to you (note, this website page is in French).
If you apply through a consulate/center located in a country where you are currently legally present but do not legally reside, you must have a valid reason for doing so. Valid reasons include that you are legally staying in another country (on a valid visa/ permit) and that the consulate within the country has accepted your reasons for applying through them and has chosen to process your application.
In countries with no Luxembourg consular presence, applications may be lodged via the consulate of a Schengen state representing Luxembourg consular interests.

How to Get your AirportTransit (type 'A') Visa?

Here’s how you can get your airport transit visa:

  • Check if you need an airport visa.
  • Prepare your documents.
  • Locate a visa application center.
  • Submit your application.

Check If You Need an Airport Visa

Before applying for an airport visa, you must ensure that you require one. Depending on your nationality, your reason for travel, and the destination country, you may not need a transit visa at all. You must verify this information with the airline and an embassy or consulate of your destination country.

Prepare Your Documents:

If you need a transit visa, assemble and prepare your documents. Depending on your transition country, the list of required documents may differ. Nonetheless, you must have your documents translated, authenticated with an apostille, and certified by an official office.

Locate a Visa Application Center:

You need to find a representative of your transit country, either an embassy or consulate or a visa application center. Once you find the visa office, make an appointment to attend your interview and submit your application.


Submit Your Application:

You can finally submit your application and complete the visa interview. Please note that you cannot obtain a transit visa at the airport; you must apply for one prior to boarding your flight.

The Duration of Airport Transit Visa (type 'A')

A transit visa is valid for 24 hours. That’s the usual amount of time it takes for you to board the flight to your destination country. If you are going to spend more time in your transitioning country, you must apply for a tourist visa.

Type 'A' visa (Transit visa) Exemptions for other countries:

You are exempted from applying for a transit visa if one of the following applies to you:

  • If you already possess a valid visa for the country where you will transit, you are not required to obtain a transit visa.
  • You hold a valid diplomatic passport.
  • Your nation has a bilateral pact with your transit nation.
  • You will remain within the transit zone (for nationals of specific countries).
  • Your transition period will last less than 24 hours (not in all countries).

How do I apply for a Schengen Visa to Luxembourg?

In addition to your completed visa application form, you will need two recently taken passport-style photos, a passport, or other travel documents less than 10 years old and valid for at least three months after your departure from the Schengen Area. You will also need travel and medical insurance covering you up to costs of €30,000, a cover letter stating you are itinerary and the purpose of your visit, as well as a flight itinerary and proof of accommodation during your stay, proof of your civil status, like a marriage certificate, and proof you have means of subsistence during your stay.

The amount you need to show you have will vary from country to country. Those planning to work or study, you will need additional documents. Proof of sufficient financial means is also required, but Luxembourg does not stipulate an official amount. You can do this by showing bank statements, hotel bookings, and that your income or investments are enough to support yourself during your stay.

What Is the Transit Zone?

The transit zone is a designated area within an international airport where you can stay until your flight to your destination is ready to board. Transit zones allow you to wait in the airport without going through immigration— if you don’t leave the airport.

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“Luxembourg Airport Transit visa” is an article that explains the purpose of type 'A'  visa in the country of Luxembourg.

The article further explains the meaning of type ‘A’ or airport transit visa, the documents for the visa, how to process the visa, how to get the air transport transit visa and the duration of the visa.

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