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Is Luxembourg visa hard to get? - With a rejection rate of only 3.7% Luxembourg, which is also the second country with least applications received, looks like a good deal for Schengen visa applicants.

Luxembourg Business Visa Requirements - Immigration Center

International businessmen and women every year want to run their businesses across the country of Luxembourg. This is because of the resources and companies found in the country. Therefore promoting Luxembourg as one of the world's centers of commerce.

However, the international business gurus who are willing to carry on their businesses in the country of Luxembourg need a country business visa.

Therefore, on this page, we are going to give you a route to your business visa, if only you will meet the requirements as well as follow the procedures as we move on.

What is a Luxembourg Business Visa?

The Luxembourg Business Visa is also known as the Luxembourg Schengen Business Visa. A short-stay visa enables its holder to enter Luxembourg to do business. The visa is for a short stay of at most 90 days within 180 days. Also, the visa is available as a single entry, double entry, or multiple entry visa. Furthermore, because it is a Schengen entry visa, it can be used to travel to other Schengen countries.

Eligibility for getting Luxembourg Business Visa

In order to be eligible to travel to the country on a visa, you will have to meet the following eligibility criteria.
Be a genuine traveller-You must have a valid and good intention behind traveling to the country.

1. Eligible to bear all expenses -You must possess sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents throughout the stay.

2. Reasons to return - You must have strong ties in your home country that will ensure that you will return after your stay.

3. Be of good character - You must have a clean criminal track record and be of good character. You may have to provide PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) for the same.


4. Be in good health -You must at least meet the minimum health requirements required by the authorities.

Genuine Purpose

You must possess a valid invitation from a genuine company located in the country with whom you are/will be doing business.

However, Luxembourg business visa requirements are summerise thus:


The submitted passport must meet the parameters given below

• It must be original and genuine.
• It must be valid for 6 months ahead of the span of stay.
• It must have a minimum of two blank pages for the visa stamp.
• It must not be torn, ripped, split, or damaged in any kind of way.

One cannot cross international boundaries without a passport. To avoid criminal offense otherwise.

Old Passport

If available, the old passport must also be provided meeting the given criteria

1. If any of the travelers have an old passport, you are to submit it along with the latest passport.
2. It must be original and in a good condition to access the required information.
Without the old passport, you cannot get a visa stamp. Professional visa consultation is one of the requirements as well.


The photographs must tally with the given photo specifications

• It must be clicked on an all-white background.
• It must be of proper size with dimensions of 35x45 mm (length - 45mm, breadth - 35mm).
• Two copies are to be submitted with general photo guidelines.
• It must have a matte finish.
• It must cover face 80% of the frame.
• It must be a recent photograph.
• The expressions on the face must be neutral, there must not be any kind of smiling of frowning in the photograph.
• Any kind of glasses must not be worn in the photograph.
• The hair must be tied back so that the face is clearly visible.
• The ears must be visible clearly.
• It must not have any headgear worn apart from religious reasons.

It is to be taken care that your teeth do not show in the photograph.

Recent pictures are mandatory as old pictures can cause the authorities to reject your application.


Air Ticket

It is an important document with reasons for submission  thus:

1. The air ticket booking is for the completion of the round trip.
2. It must be confirmed for the complete round trip.

An air ticket shows your course of travel and confirms your return to the native country.

Travel Insurance

The Travel Insurance issued has to meet the following criteria

1. It must be circulated from the authorized insurance company only.
2. It must cover your complete period of stay in the Schengen area.
3. It is better if the insurance is valid for at least 3 to 10 ahead of the date of arrival to India.
4. It must cover the whole trip right from leaving India to returning to India.
5. It must mention the applicant's details as per the passport.

Travel insurance is necessary for those traveling abroad. However, you are to equally have Professional visa consultation for the abroad journey.

Bank Statement:

The Bank statement is a mandatory document and it should meet the following criteria
• It must be evident of healthy balance amount in the account.
• It must be printed on A4-size paper.
• It must be provided with an authentic seal and signature from the bank.
• It must be original and obtained from the savings bank account.
• It must be original and should have the bank's stamp and signature on every page.

If the Bank Statement doesn't show enough funds or shows irrelevant expenditure, it could lead to visa rejection on financial means. Professional visa consultation is also one of the requirements.

Income Tax Returns:

The proof of income tax returns must match the parameters

1. You are to specify the Income tax returns with an ITR-V for the last 3 years.
2. You are also to provide legitimate documentary proof of the payment of income tax.

One cannot leave the country if they do not provide appropriate proof of tax payment. They will also want you to provide a Professional visa consultation.

Invitation Letter from Company:

The letter of invitation from the company shall correspond with the following criteria

• It must contain the signature of the authority along with the designation, name of the company, and stamp.
• It must mention the contact details, the purpose of travel, sponsorship details, and other important documents.
• It must be addressed to the respective diplomatic mission.

Therefore, an invitation letter from the company to which are visiting is essential to provide proof of your purpose of visit.

Covering Letter from Company:

The covering letter provided by the company should be acceptable with the following conditions

1. It must also mention the details of the traveler's stay in the country.
2. It must contain the traveler's as well as the company's information and should be issued on the company's
3. letterhead along with the official seal and signature.

A covering letter is the first document that is seen by the consular. If the covering letter is not appropriate, it may cause your visa to get rejected as well. Professional visa consultation is recommended

Types of Work Visas in Luxembourg

European Union (EU) citizens, as well as residents of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland, do not need work permits to live or work in Luxembourg. However, third-country nationals from outside the EU will need a work and residence permit to legally work for your company in Luxembourg.

The different types of Luxembourg work permits include:

Short Stay Visa (C)

A short stay visa gives individuals the ability to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days uninterrupted or in stages totaling 90 days over 180 days. This visa is typically mainly for business trips, conferences, meetings, and family visits.

Long Stay Visas (D)

This visa is majorly for foreigners who want to travel to Luxembourg for more than three months for work, for education, or to settle permanently. It is most common for salaried workers, self-employed workers, highly qualified employees, students, and au pairs.

EU Blue Card

Third-country nationals wanting to work for more than three months as highly qualified workers in Luxembourg can apply for the EU Blue Card. This type of visa requires a special procedure and provides specific benefits.

How to Apply for Luxembourg Business Visa

You can process applications for the business permit offline. The application handling is outsourced to VACs in India (Visa Application Center) by the Luxembourg embassy. Before starting your application, you must ensure that you are eligible to travel to the country on a business trip. After this, you may make the application as follows -

Acquire all the documents necessary for the application.

Visit the website of the Luxembourg embassy in India or the website of the VAC and download the application form. The form is the same as a general Schengen application for all other types. However, you will have to mention your purpose of visit as ‘business’.

Fill in your details and take a printout of the completed application form.

Book an appointment at one of the VACs located across the major cities in India. You may do this by visiting the website of VAC or by using the online portal.

Visit the VAC for the application and biometric submission along with your documents duly filled and signed application form, and fees.

Note that if you have submitted your biometrics for a Schengen visa in the past 5 years, you do not have to submit them again. You are to use the biometric data from your previous application the second time. Ensure that you submit only the genuine documents and provide the right information. Providing fake documents and false information can lead to Schengen visa rejection

Benefits of a Luxembourg Business Visa

Luxembourg business visa has many benefits. However, we will look at some benefits thus:

1. The influx of large foreign companies to the country has increased the population of young foreigners. You would be pleased to know that more than 30,000 of the foreign population is made up of young people aged between 30 and 44 years. These are major contributors to Luxembourg’s economy, and these are the people you will have the opportunity to interact with and probably improve your business model in the country of Luxembourg.

Why should you get a Luxembourg Visa?

2. All the top companies are in Luxembourg. Have you ever heard of Amazon, KPMG, JP Morgan, and the rest? They all have their headquarters in Luxembourg! So, what does this mean for the businessman who wants to visit Luxembourg? It means plenty of business opportunities and the chance to meet the brains behind these successful businesses.


It is a post that opened many international businessmen and women to the requirements that permit them to run businesses in the country.

However, the article summarizes the eligibilities for a business visa, the requirements for Luxembourg visas, types of Luxembourg visas, the benefits of Luxembourg business visas, etc

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