Planning Manager Jobs, Bechtel Company Limited, Italy

Managers of planning are responsible for developing operational strategies for their employees. Their precise range of responsibilities depends on the size and structure of the organization, but they typically oversee and coordinate all planning activities within the organization.

Planning Manager Jobs, Bechtel Company Limited, Italy

Managers of planning advise the company's council and board of directors. They research and analyze previously collected data and information concerning the performance and activities of the organization. These reports are utilized to determine the most profitable and feasible course of action, conduct environmental studies, and ensure that production complies with applicable regulations.

To be a successful planning manager, you must have a passion for innovation and attention to detail. You will be responsible for high-profile assignments, typically multiple ones at once, so you must be able to work effectively under pressure. People will look to you for guidance on various legal and technical issues so analytical skills will be just as critical as communication skills.

However, if you're interested in becoming a planning manager, one of the first things you should consider is the required level of education. 71.9 percent of planning managers have a bachelor's degree, according to our findings. We found that 17.6% of planning managers have master's degrees in educational attainment. Even though most planning managers possess a bachelor's degree, it is impossible to obtain this position with only a high school diploma or GED. Let's examine the significance of this planning.

What is Planning?

Planning is considering the activities necessary to achieve the desired objective. Planning relies on foresight, the fundamental ability to travel through time mentally. Considered to have been a driving force in human evolution, the evolution of forethought, or the capacity to think ahead, is characterized as the evolution of the ability to anticipate future events. Planning is a defining characteristic of intelligent behavior. It requires the use of logic and imagination to visualize not only the desired outcome but also the steps required to achieve it.

The relationship between planning and forecasting is an integral aspect of the planning process. Forecasting attempts to determine what the future will look like, whereas planning envisions what the future could look like.

Planning according to established principles is fundamental to many professional occupations, including management and business. Once a plan has been developed, progress, efficiency, and effectiveness can be measured and evaluated. As circumstances change, it may be necessary to modify or abandon plans.

Planning is the fundamental management function, which involves deciding what is to be done, when, how, and by whom. It is an intellectual process that establishes an organization's objectives and devises various courses of action to achieve them. It outlines precisely how to achieve a specific objective.

The Characteristics of Planning:

Planning has some characteristic features, which we will talk about right now; below are the characteristics of planning.

  1. Managerial function:

Planning is a first and foremost managerial function that provides the base for other functions of the management, i.e. organizing, staffing, directing, and controlling, as they are performed within the periphery of the plans made.

  1. Goal oriented:

It focuses on defining the goals of the organization, identifying alternative courses of action, and deciding the appropriate action plan, which is to be undertaken for reaching the goals.

  1. Pervasive:

It is pervasive in the sense that it is present in all segments and is required at all levels of the organization. Although the scope of planning varies at different levels and departments.

  1. Continuous Process:

Plans are made for a specific term, say for a month, quarter, year, and so on. Once that period is over, new plans are drawn, considering the organization’s present and future requirements and conditions. Therefore, it is an ongoing process, as the plans are framed, executed, and followed by another plan.

  1. Intellectual Process:

It is a mental exercise as it involves the application of the mind to think, forecast, imagine intelligently and innovate, etc.

  1. Futuristic:

In the process of planning, we take a sneak peek at the future. It encompasses looking into the future to analyze and predict it so that the organization can face future challenges effectively.

  1. Decision making:

Decisions are made regarding alternative courses of action that can be undertaken to reach the goal. The alternative chosen should be the best among all, with the least number of negative and highest number of positive outcomes.

Planning is concerned with setting objectives and targets and formulating plans to accomplish them. The activity helps managers analyze the present condition to identify ways of attaining the desired position in the future. It is both the need of the organization and the responsibility of managers.

What is a manager?

A manager is a professional who takes a leadership role in an organization and manages a team of employees. Often, managers are responsible for managing a specific department in their company. There are many types of managers, but they usually have duties like conducting performance reviews and making decisions. Managers are often the line of communication between a company's employees and its high-level executives.

The General duties of a manager?

A manager's daily responsibilities may vary depending on the industry where they work. However, some common responsibilities of managers across different sectors can include:

Leading a team:

A key responsibility of a manager is leading their team. They give direction to their employees and answer their questions. They also delegate tasks to specific employees and ensure that projects stay on track. Great managers commit to the role of being fair leaders to help increase their teams' productivity.

Training employees:

Managers are often responsible for training their employees to perform their job duties and learn new skills. They might also offer them professional development opportunities. Often, managers also act as mentors to their employees and teach them skills that they can use as they advance their careers.


Making decisions:

A manager is also responsible for making decisions for their department. Managers must have a solid decision-making process, as they sometimes must make difficult choices. This can assist them in making the best decisions possible for the success of their departments. Managers frequently communicate with their employees and other company personnel to assist them in making the best decisions.

Managing conflicts:

Managers also address conflicts when necessary, including conflicts between team members. This means that they usually exercise conflict resolution skills and mediate workplace conflicts. This can help them maintain a positive work environment for their team.

Hiring new employees:

Additionally, managers frequently collaborate with the human resources department to hire new employees. They may identify candidates for open positions, conduct interviews, and extend job offers. Generally, great managers are able to determine whether a job candidate is a good fit for their team, as they are aware of the skills and qualities required to excel in their department.

Managing their department's budget:

Managers sometimes take responsibility for their department's budget and use finance and accounting tools. They may meet with other professionals to create budgets. They can also determine how much funding their department needs to operate.

Conducting performance reviews:

Managers also have the responsibility of conducting performance reviews for their employees. Typically, performance evaluations occur periodically. In performance reviews, managers provide feedback and improvement suggestions to their employees. They may also assist employees in setting goals and monitoring their progress toward achieving them.

Role and Responsibilities of Planning Manager Bechtel Limited Company, Italy:

  1. Leading planning teams while still proficiently with Primavera P6, Asta Power Project, and 4D integration.
  2. Project Data analytics with Microsoft Power BI, Power Apps, and Excel.
  3. Responsible for integrating Project Programme(s) by Client requirements into the 3D design.
  4. Expanding the scheduled activities, including the MEP program (Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing) to sequence the build and integrate within the BIM model.
  5. Regular progress reporting at both a customer and company level
  6. Monitoring productivity and completion deadlines
  7. This is a front-end role, so you regularly interact with stakeholders.
  8. Responsible for technical and assurance support for Planning & Project Controls in the Project Team.
  9. Travel will be required around the European Union.

Eligibility for the Job:

  • Educated to a professional level with a relevant construction degree.
  • Extensive working knowledge of MEP planning (Ideally data centers)
  • Proficient with Asta Power Project and Primavera
  • Ability to analyze a construction sequence, identify risks and hazards, and resolve coordination issues.
  • A relentless and dynamic approach to dealing with people and influencing them to take the best approach.
  • Able to coach and challenge management and non-specialists.
  • Candidates with 4D Construction software would be advantageous, but not essential.
    A minimum of 2-3 years of relevant Planning Experience.
  • Relevant experience in successfully delivering significant work projects in the construction/civils industry.

Job Benefits:

Be part of the world’s first team to facilitate a ground-breaking technology that allows builders to build from 3D holograms,

  1. Regular Salary and Stock Option Reviews
  2. Twenty-five days holiday + public holidays
  3. Additional Christmas Company Days
  4. A generous well-being allowance

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