Top 10 Best Tech Universities in British Columbia, Canada

When it comes to finding the best tech universities in British Columbia, Canada, there is no shortage of options. With a wide range of universities offering cutting-edge courses and degree programs in areas such as software engineering, computer science, and information technology, British Columbia is the perfect place to launch a career in the tech sector. In this blog post, we’ll be highlighting the top 10 best tech universities in British Columbia, Canada, so you can make an informed decision about which one is right for you.

Top 10 Best Tech Universities in British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia is the best spot to establish yourself if you want to work in technology in Canada because it is recognized as the country's tech hub. As a result, British Columbia is home to some of Canada's best tech universities. So which schools would provide you with the best employment prospects in Canada and prepare you for a fantastic IT career? We've chosen a few of British Columbia's top universities that will prepare you for success in your tech career, let you continue working in Canada, and accumulate helpful work experience that will count toward permanent residency in our country!

Best Tech Universities in British Columbia

Below is the list of the top universities in British Columbia, ranked according to their performance in computer science research. The ratings of publications, which were then corrected for release dates and added to final scores, were calculated using a graph of the 1.68M citations earned by 31.5K academic articles produced by ten universities in British Columbia.

However, we need to distinguish between undergraduate and graduate programs and adjust for the current majors provided. You can find information on degrees awarded on a university page, but you should always double-check with the university website.

University of British Columbia

  • Location: Victoria and Okanagan
  • Top Tech Courses: BA or BSc in Computer Science & BASc in Engineering

The University of British Columbia (UBC) is a research university established in 1908 and is regarded as North America's most international university. The University of British Columbia (UBC), now ranked #3 in Canada, #51 globally, and #42 globally for engineering and technology, has about 25% of its students from other countries. Campus life provides a wealth of enjoyable social opportunities and the chance to discover new cultures and find inspiration. Canada is a great country to study in. You can associate with esteemed graduates like Justin Trudeau, the prime minister of Canada.

Simon Fraser University (SFU)

  • Location: Vancouver, Burnaby & Surrey
  • Top Tech Courses: BA or BSc in Computer Science & BASc in Engineering

One of Canada's top comprehensive universities is Simon Fraser University. SFU had three campuses when it was founded in 1965 on Burnaby Mountain. Mechatronic systems engineering is one of the several tech majors offered at SFU, where about 24% of the student body is international. It also provides excellent courses in engineering and computer science. Mahamudu Bawumia, the vice president of Ghana, is one notable alum.

Vancouver, Canada's technology capital, is where SFU is located. This gives students unmatched access to tech startups, existing businesses, and research organizations, opening up a variety of networking, internship, and employment options. With several faculties working together on research and teaching initiatives, SFU significantly emphasizes interdisciplinary education. To develop specialized skill sets that are highly sought after in the IT industry, students can combine their interests in various subjects, such as computer science, engineering, and business.

The world-class faculty of SFU comprises accomplished professors and researchers who are leaders in their disciplines. They contribute their experience and knowledge to the classroom, creating a demanding and exciting learning atmosphere for the students. To allow students to work on real-world projects and obtain practical experience, SFU is firmly committed to experiential learning. They also emphasize the skills necessary for success in the computer sector, such as creativity, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

University of Victoria

  • Location: Greater Victoria - Oak Bay & Saanich
  • Top Tech Courses: BSc in Computer Science, BEng in Computer Engineering & BEng in Software Engineering

The University of Victoria (UVic) is the center of the BC capital. One of the most prominent institutions in North America, this 402-acre campus was first established in 1903 as a college. This institution has instructors worldwide; roughly 16% of UVic's students come from over 118 countries. To connect with like-minded students, advance your career, and give back to the community, you can join various student organizations, including Women in Engineering and Computer Science and Leadership Through Diversity.

British Columbia Institute of Technology

  • Location: Burnaby, Downtown and North Vancouver, Richmond & Delta
  • Top Tech Courses: BA of Technology, BA of Engineering & Diplomas in various specializations

The British Columbia Institute of Technology (BCIT), which offers practical applied education and hands-on experience, differs from other institutions and universities in BC. At BCIT, you can select from more than 300 programs organized into six main categories. The Computing and IT Department offers exciting courses like Forensic Investigation, Technology Management, and 3D Modeling. To help you get your academic year started, BCIT also provides a variety of leisure programming, including martial arts, yoga, and dance classes, student groups, social events, and orientation for overseas students.

Thompson Rivers University (TRU)

  • Location: Kamloops & Williams Lake
  • Top Tech Courses: BA of Technology (online and on-campus)

Founded in 1970, Thompson Rivers University (TRU) is an academic and research center with more than 15,000 alums from other countries. In addition, 16% of TRU students are from over 70 countries, notably China, India, and Saudi Arabia. TRU provides academic programs, skill-building opportunities, and orientation programs both on-campus and online. During particular arrival times at the start of the Fall and Summer semesters, TRU staff and student representatives will meet you at the airport.


Vancouver Island University

  • Location: Nanaimo
  • Top Tech Courses: BSc Computer Science

The University of Vancouver Island (VIU) had modest beginnings. Malaspina College, founded in 1969, swiftly developed into the outstanding west coast university it is today. VIU is a hub for qualitative learning and boasts a vibrant multicultural campus culture that fosters participation in many innovative projects and courses. There are three campuses, each with cutting-edge labs and knowledgeable instructors. VIU has more than 18%, international students.

Several free services and activities are available, including the Global Groove Music Series, which is held on the first Thursday of every month, and the Grocery Shuttle, which travels to the Superstore in Nanaimo's north end to pick up groceries and other necessities. Stop by Hearthstone Artisan Bakery or Smokin' George BBQ Restaurant for a great Nanaimo bar, one of BC's signature sweet delights.

University of Fraser Valley

  • Location: Abbotsford, Chilliwack, Mission & Hope
  • Top Tech Courses: BA or BSc in Computer Science & BASc in Engineering

The breathtaking Fraser Valley has a stunning university called the University of Fraser Valley. Established in 1974, it is ideal if you value more one-on-one time with your professors and smaller classes. Additionally, there are numerous immigration workshops and advisors for international students to help you when you arrive. You can even find a Global Lounge where you can study, unwind, or hang out and meet new people worldwide that hosts game nights, Language Exchanges, and Friends Without Borders Programs.

University of Northern British Columbia

  • Location: Prince George, Fort St John, Prince Rupert, Terrace & Quesnel
  • Top Tech Courses: BASc in Engineering & BSc in Computer Science

The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC), though a small institution compared to others in BC, is famous for its avant-garde design and campus that is proudly sustainable or green. When studying in Canada, you can enjoy community culture and approximately 300 fun-filled days of sunlight thanks to the location in the heart of British Columbia.

UNBC takes pleasure in expanding its students' educational opportunities outside the classroom. With a faculty-to-student ratio of 1:8, you can count on your professors to provide all the academic assistance you require. Additionally, it boasts a remarkable 81% success rate of graduates employed in their field. You should practice your linguistic skills. For international students, UNBC offers the special program uTREK to help them adjust to college life. You'll get to know some classmates, advance your language abilities, and receive up to 29 additional credits!

Kwantlen Polytechnic University

  • Location: Surrey
  • Top Tech Courses: Bachelor of Technology in Information Technology (BTech in IT), CADD Diploma, Environmental Protection Technology, Mechatronics, and Advanced Manufacturing Technology Diploma

With approximately 20,000 students, 18% of them are from outside of Canada, Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU), founded in 1981, has one of the largest student bodies in British Columbia. KPU is the only polytechnic university in Canada that emphasizes practical abilities and conventional academics. KPU boasts 1,400 seasoned teaching members and more than 57,000 albums worldwide. Also, the campus provides numerous international activities like Stanley Park excursions, bowling nights, rock climbing, and more, making it simple and stress-free to meet your new classmates and adjust to life in British Columbia.

Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) is a top tech school for several reasons. First, KPU provides various technology-related programs and courses to give students the abilities and information required to succeed in the IT sector. These courses cover a variety of subjects, such as computer science, information technology, and sustainable energy engineering technology. In addition, students can gain practical experience in their subject of study thanks to their cutting-edge facilities and equipment. The institution, for instance, houses labs for clean energy, data analytics, and cybersecurity.

Students may apply what they learn in class to situations in the real world, thanks to their strong emphasis on experiential learning. Students that use this learning strategy gain useful talents that employers highly desire. In addition, KPU's broad network of industry partners and alums provides students with mentorship, internship, and job possibilities. With this network, students can develop industry experience and connections that will help them grow their careers.

Royal Roads University

  • Location: Victoria
  • Top Tech Courses: Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Technology-Enhanced Learning and Design Diploma

RRU is the ideal location to advance your education in a warm and accepting environment, with a varied community of students, teachers, and staff from more than 60 nations. RRU's campus in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, is a gorgeous 565-acre campus with historic buildings, beautiful gardens, and incredible Olympic Mountains and Pacific Ocean vistas. Regardless of opinion, RRU is renowned for its cutting-edge undergraduate and graduate leadership, administration, technology, and online learning programs.

The university is a publicly funded research-focused school that provides online and on-campus undergraduate, postgraduate, certificate, and diploma programs with a strong emphasis on theoretical and experiential learning. It is regarded as one of Canada's finest universities. It is associated with the Canadian Bureau for Foreign Education and the International Association of Universities. Also, the university maintains close ties with national and international industries, giving students excellent prospects for employment. The university also offers top-notch amenities for Canadian students studying overseas.

How to Apply to Universities in  British Columbia

Every university has an application process, but they are all slightly different. Nonetheless, all Canadian universities follow a standard procedure. Here's a general guide on the application process for Canadian universities.

How to Apply for a Canadian Study Permit

You require a study permit to be able to study in Canada. Although obtaining a study permit in Canada is relatively simple, you must be careful and follow each procedure strictly. These are listed below.

Check Your Eligibility

You must meet the Designated Learning Institution (DLI) and program requirements to qualify for the visa.

Secure an Acceptance Letter

Secure an acceptance letter from a DLI.

Gather Your Documents

Gather important documents like your passport, proof of finances, proof of acceptance, and any other required documents.

Pay the Application Fees

Before you submit your application, you must submit your application fees. 


Furthermore, here are some of the most frequently asked questions on the best tech universities in British Columbia.

What are the prerequisites for technical degree studies in Canada?

Different qualifications are needed to pursue a technical degree in Canada, depending on the institution and program. Nonetheless, most colleges demand prospective overseas students have finished their secondary education, obtained a minimum GPA of 2.7 or higher, and shown their English-language ability through exams like the TOEFL or IELTS. Furthermore, some degrees might have particular prerequisites or requirements in math, science, or technology.

What job opportunities are there in Canada for graduates with technical degrees?

In Canada, graduates with technical degrees can find employment in various fields, including engineering, information technology, healthcare, and construction. The Canadian government has also listed the fields of biomedical, environmental, and software engineering as in-demand professions. Graduates can also apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit, which permits them to work for up to three years in Canada after receiving their degree. For graduates who studied in Canada and have worked in their field of study, Canada also has a fast-track immigration procedure.

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