Top 10 Working Holiday Jobs in Canada

Are you seeking a new and fun way to enjoy Canada's natural beauty? If so, a working holiday might be the ideal time to accomplish that. Working holidays are growing in popularity among young people everywhere, including in Canada. The benefits of working holiday jobs in Canada, the kinds of jobs that are available, how to apply for a working holiday visa, and other topics will all be covered in this blog.

Top 10 Working Holiday Jobs in Canada

You can enter Canada under the IEC without receiving a job offer during the 2023 working holiday season. In light of this, many IEC Working Holiday participants would prefer to begin their job search in Canada before traveling there. Therefore, for the IEC Working Holiday program in 2023, you can use this guide to find work in Canada.

What is a Working Holiday in Canada?

A working holiday in Canada is an excellent opportunity to see the country and taste the local culture. With a working holiday, you can stay in Canada for a year to two years while working in various fields. In addition, the International Experience Canada (IEC) program offers working vacations. Under the IEC program, young people can discover Canada while gaining significant international experience.

The Working Holiday visa, the Young Professionals visa, and the International Co-op visa are the three types of visas offered through the IEC program. The most popular choice is the working holiday visa. It is available to citizens of the following countries:

Eligible Countries in the International Experience Canada (IEC) Program

Australia Austria Belgium
Chile Costa Rica Croatia
Czech Republic Denmark Estonia
France Germany Greece
Hong Kong Ireland Italy
Japan Korea, Rep. Latvia
Lithuania Luxembourg Mexico
Netherlands New Zealand Norway
Poland Portugal San Marino
Slovakia Slovenia Spain
Sweden Switzerland Taiwan
Ukraine United Kingdom

Young people have a unique opportunity to experience life abroad and learn about Canada by working during their summer vacations. There are many advantages to working over the holidays, including the following:

  • You can gain valuable international work experience in a new country.
  • You can explore different parts of Canada and experience its culture.
  • You can learn new skills and develop existing ones.
  • You can make new friends and connections.
  • You can save money while you travel.

Types of Working Holiday Jobs in Canada

Opportunities for doing holiday jobs abound in Canada. You can find a job that meets your needs based on your interests and talents. Here are a handful of the most sought-after working vacation job categories in Canada:


Working vacation positions in the hospitality sector is a fantastic way to experience life abroad. This sector has restaurant servers, housekeepers, and front desk personnel jobs. You can make friends from all over the world, work in the service sector, earn money, and get experience to find another career later in your travels by getting a job in the hospitality industry. Working vacationers love the hospitality industry because it has a low entry barrier, a decent income, and a unique experience.

Fitness Instructor

Working as a fitness instructor in Canada can be your ideal career choice if you enjoy working out. Allowing folks to work out at one of Canada's many gyms can be rewarding and lucrative. Personal trainers, group fitness instructors, and yoga instructors can all find plenty of work. You can also learn a lot about Canada's health and wellness market by working as a fitness instructor.


Working in a Ski Resort

By pursuing your interest in hospitality at Canada's top ski resorts, you may have the chance to work in various hospitality-related professions, such as resort hospitality positions, ski lift operators, ski instructors, and snowboard instructors. Working in a ski resort is also a fantastic way to experience nature.

Dog Walker

Working as a dog walker in Canada can be the ideal job for you if you love animals. Dog walking is the most excellent way to see the outdoors and spend time with animals. In addition, this will take a little time, leaving you free to take on other work or see everything Canada offers.

Park Rangers

Working as a park ranger at one of Canada's renowned National Parks is the ideal option if you're fascinated by the wilderness there. In order to keep park visitors safe and to live and work in beautiful locations, becoming a park ranger will provide you the opportunity to gain experience working outdoors, create opportunities for professional growth, and develop solid interpersonal and communication skills.

Private Tutor

If you have a solid academic background, becoming a private tutor could be an excellent way to support the development of Canada's future workforce's abilities. This gives you a chance to interact with children from quite diverse backgrounds than your own, learn about the educational system in Canada, and even brush up on your knowledge.

Voice Actor

Using your dulcet tones in voice acting is an excellent opportunity to obtain experience in the entertainment industry, apply your creativity, and go deeper into voice acting. The Vancouver Film School is the most well-known animation school in the world, and Canada is home to some of the largest film productions in the world as a whole. Canada needs voice actors as a result. Along with the short work hours, decent compensation, and tons of fun, it's an excellent opportunity for networking with many professionals in the business.


Finding an internship at a Canadian company could be the first step if you want to use your working holiday to advance your career and potentially open up prospects to work in Canada. There are numerous organizations and settings where you might begin your internship, providing you with critical insight into working life in Canada.

Retail Work

Working in retail is a fantastic opportunity to obtain experience in customer service. There are various options to work in retail, which has several in-demand careers in Canada. In addition, you can gain the necessary customer service skills and get to see different regions of Canada by working in retail.

House Sitting

House-sitting positions are a fantastic way to supplement your trip budget. House sitting is one of the careers most conducive to working holidays since it allows you to go to various regions of Canada and gives you plenty of time to explore these new cities and settings while still earning a living.

Meanwhile, the best place to begin is by speaking with a recognized professional if you'd like to start your journey toward a working holiday in Canada. Your RCIC will ensure you meet all requirements for a Canadian working holiday so you can take full advantage of everything Canada offers.

Tips for Finding Working Holiday Jobs in Canada

Finding working vacation employment in Canada might be challenging, but with a few pointers, the process can go more smoothly. These are some pointers for locating working holidays jobs in Canada:

Canadian-ize your resume and cover letter

The acceptable format for resumes and cover letters in Canada might differ from those in your nation.


Finding job openings can be made more accessible by connecting with people in the same city or industry.


Using job-search websites

Many job search sites can assist you in finding the ideal job.

Social media

Social media may be an excellent resource for connecting with employers and learning about job openings.

Speak with an RCIC

You can answer your questions about working vacation visas from an RCIC, who can also help you with the application procedure.


People in Canada often have many queries about working holiday jobs. The following are some of the most frequently asked questions about working holiday jobs in Canada:

Is a career in Canada required for the 2023 IEC Working Holiday program?

A job offer was necessary throughout the majority of the 2021 IEC season. In response to COVID-19, Canada proposed this unique additional requirement. Nevertheless, midway through the season, this restriction was removed. As a result, the Working Holiday program will not require applicants to have a work offer before 2023.

How long may I stay in Canada on a working holiday visa?

This is primarily based on where you are from. On a Canadian Working Holiday Visa, nationals of particular nations may remain in the country for up to two years.

What kind of visa is required to apply for a working holiday job in Canada?

Via the IEC program, you must apply for a working holiday visa, a visa for young professionals, or a visa for an international co-op.

What documents do I need to submit a working holiday visa application?

A current passport, evidence of finances, and other paperwork needed by the IEC program must be submitted.

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