Top 5 Canadian Job Sites for 2023

Job-hunting can be stressful enough when you’re looking locally – you don’t want to waste your time applying to jobs in another country. But if you’re living abroad and are having trouble finding work back home, there are a number of Canadian job sites that may be able to help you find work in Canada as well as in other countries where English is commonly spoken.

Top 5 Canadian Job Sites for 2023

The job market in Canada has been on the rise in recent years, with job openings growing at twice the rate of the Canadian population in 2013 and unemployment dropping to just 6%. With so many options available to foreign workers, it can be hard to decide where to look if you’re not yet living in Canada. It can be challenging to look for work in Canada, particularly if you are applying from abroad. However, your chances of emigrating to Canada enhance if you have a legitimate employment offer from Canada. Alternatively, you must have a legitimate offer if you want to enter the nation temporarily and stay for a shorter amount of time to work.

You may select from hundreds of employment opportunities in Canada. You may choose from several job-searching websites to ensure you land the ideal position. There are plenty of Canadian job sites that are accessible to people across the country, but there are even more job sites specifically tailored to foreign workers from outside of Canada and living in the country already.

Top 5 Canadian Job Sites in 2022

Here are the top 10 Canadian job sites of 2022 based on their current popularity and projected growth over the next few years.


Indeed is a multi-national platform used by hundreds of thousands of companies to look for employers. It is available across over 60 countries; in 28 languages. On the other hand, thousands of job searchers utilize it. The platform is user-friendly and educational. On the Indeed portal itself, you may both search for jobs and apply for them. Enter your desired income, specify a location, and opt to only see remote job postings to further refine your search. To avoid seeing outdated job postings, you may also filter job postings by the date of posting.

This platform's "Indeed CV" function is one of its top uses. When you submit an application for a job using the site, you have the option of uploading your résumé, creating one there, or submitting both. On the platform, certain businesses may also ask you some questions about your experience. 'Can you speak English well' or 'How many years of Sales experience do you have, for instance.' This function assists employers in limiting their alternatives. 

According to Indeed, there are 474,845 jobs available in Canada right now. Moreover, you may browse in-depth job descriptions from a variety of businesses on Indeed. Find employment as a writer, plumber, construction worker, licensed nurse, or salesperson. It's significant that Indeed offers two characteristics that genuinely help job seekers:

  • Company reviews: Before working at a company, see reviews from other employers.
  • Salary guide: Make sure you’re being paid what you’re worth by using the salary guide.


A professional's best buddy is LinkedIn. More than 700 million users from more than 200 nations are registered on this Microsoft subsidiary. LinkedIn serves as a social media site in addition to being used to find employers or workers. You may share career advice, accomplishments, views, and opportunities with your connections as it's a professional platform. You can follow accounts that are influential in your profession and those you find interesting. It's a great way to stay in touch with coworkers.

When looking for a job, LinkedIn will review the CV information you must supply and suggest jobs that fit your profile based on past searches. It offers you the option to sign up for alerts, just like many of these sites do, so that you will be the first to learn if something comparable is ever uploaded.


There are now 435,822 job openings available in Canada on LinkedIn. On this site, there are several methods for searching for employment. You may get in touch with the businesses you follow directly, or you can use the 'jobs' search category to filter by location, job type, remote work, experience, and other factors. This platform can also be used to advance your skills and career with a skills development feature it contains.


Glassdoor is primarily a forum for business feedback. It was first intended as a means to be transparent with prospective workers. You may exchange salary, rate workplaces and businesses, and post company-related content like office photos. Its anonymity guarantees the users' security. A firm rating system is then created from the user-generated reviews. Before accepting an offer, prospective employees might learn more about the workplace culture. It ensures company responsibility.

You may utilize this platform to look for jobs that match your skills and apply for them, which is more crucial. By researching other people' experiences with interviewing at that specific organization, you may get ready for your interview. You can choose from the hundreds of positions available across Canada, including the 95,707 in Toronto, 66,385 in Montreal, 48,261 in Vancouver, and thousands more.


There are lots of jobs in Canada, but you might not be suited to the 9–5 workday that most Canadians follow. If you're searching for freelance, casual, or part-time job, ZipRecruiter is the website for you. Although not exclusive to ZipRecruiter, this platform is renowned for being flexible. Working remotely was quite advantageous, especially during the epidemic. Create a profile outlining your qualifications, objectives, and experience to start. Increase your chances of being recruited by using this platform by demonstrating your talents using the verified skills feature.

You will be assigned an AI personal recruiter who will assist you with creating your profile, submitting your application for employment, and sending you notifications and reminders. In order to increase the accuracy of job seeker/employer matches, the developers developed a machine learning technique. You may increase your chances of being employed by following the advice Phil, the company's AI, will provide you.

Additionally, their site provides advice on writing recommendation letters for jobs and clarifies other letters, such those of resignation and notice. 250,387 jobs are currently available on the marketplace, ranging from warehouse employees to online research assistants.


Lastly, there is JobBank. Because of its connection to the government, it is one of the most frequently utilized Canadian employment sites. You may use its straightforward option to search by location and profession. Alternately, you may use the Browse or Advance buttons to perform a targeted search.

This platform isn't higher on our ranking since there are now just 108,573 posts advertised on it. However, especially if you're looking for work from abroad, its interactive map function makes comprehending the actual geographic location of where you're looking for a job much easier.

This platform's main advantage is that it enables you to compare data on the labor market for a certain occupation. For instance, in a page about a butcher who works in a grocery shop, you may click on a tab to see the median salary, study the career, and see the job's National Occupation Classification (NOC) in plain sight. Knowing the job description can help you determine whether you fit the requirements for the position before you apply to work in that profession in Canada. The webpage outlines the long-term prospects for that particular career.

How to Live and Work in Canada

Let’s take a look at how you can move to Canada as a foreigner.

Express Entry

Because it is not a prerequisite needed for this program, the Express Entry method is the ideal approach to apply for permanent residency in Canada if you do not currently have a job offer. Express Entry is one of the quickest processing times for immigration to Canada, taking as little as six months.

The Federal Skilled Worker Class, the Federal Skilled Trades Class, and the Canadian Experience Class are the three Express Entry programs for which you may qualify. If you satisfy the conditions, you will be added to the Express Entry pool and given a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score, which can range from zero to one thousand two hundred points. Points are awarded for a variety of things, including job experience, education, language proficiency, and adding a partner to your application. Those who are chosen will get an invitation to apply (ITA).


As often as every two weeks, Express Entry drawings take place, so even if you don't get in the first time, you still have a chance to get an ITA. Additionally, your profile will continue to be in the draw pool for a year. However, you can raise your CRS score at this time to boost your chances. This can be accomplished by getting a provincial nomination, additional job experience, or another educational certificate.

Advantages of Living and Working in Canada

Canada is a strong contender for anyone looking for a better life for themselves or their family abroad. It's a fantastic place to live, and it's a good place for immigrants to live as well.

Numerous immigrant-serving organizations are available in Canada, making it much simpler for you to settle in to your new place. If you have the appropriate people guiding you and making sure you integrate into the economy and society, you have a better chance of flourishing in Canada. Everything from work training to having access to English and French lessons will be available to you.

If you are successful in becoming a permanent resident of Canada, you will be able to take advantage of several advantages, including free public education for your kids from kindergarten through grade 12. The quality of life you'll enjoy in Canada is also greatly influenced by the fact that everyone has access to free universal healthcare.

What more could you possibly need when you have access to a top-notch education and healthcare system and the assistance you require? Canada does, however, provide the chance to either start a new job or advance in your current one.

The fact that Canada's economy is expanding gradually is excellent news for visitors from other countries. There are more job openings as a result of the increase, but there aren't simply enough Canadians to fill the positions.

There are various Canadian immigration and visa programs in place to help foreigners move over to work and live in Canada because of the country's demand for talented foreign employees.

Bottom Line

Here are the Top 5 Canadian Job Sites for 2022, in our opinion. Finding a job is the next step! As you look for the job you desire, be patient and truthful with yourself. You can apply for a work permit if you have a legitimate employment offer from Canada.

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