Fully Funded Quebec Scholarships in Canada Without IELTS 2023

Applications for admissions on Quebec Scholarships 2023 in BS, MS, & Ph.D. degrees are currently open at Quebec Province of Canada universities for the 2023-2024 academic session. Quebec is one of the biggest Canadian Province with the highest number of International Universities.

Fully Funded Quebec Scholarships in Canada Without IELTS 2023

All the passionate and devoted students can now opt for the generous scholarship programs offered by Quebec Canada Government & Universities with valuable academic funding for Undergraduate, postgraduate degrees, & Research Programs. Applications are now being accepted for the 2023 intake session. Start looking for a suitable position and apply within the due date with the whole set of essential documents to avoid any hassle in the application process.

Quebec Canada is among the largest multilingual yet multicultural provinces of Canada. That region has hundreds of highly accredited Canadian universities offering diversified degree programs in numerous fields and courses in English and French languages. It is the preferable tourist location for international students for further studies due to quality education, partially/fully-funded Canadian scholarships without IELTS, and advanced teaching and learning system.

Benefits/ Inclusions of the Quebec Scholarships in Canada

Before jumping over the scholarship programs offered by the Quebec government and Quebec Canadian universities, let’s discuss the financial coverages awarded by such prestigious scholarships. Dozens of valuable rewards have been announced for the scholarship awarded to candidates to make their educational journey smooth and tension free without financial stress. Some of them are;

  • Partial/ Full Tuition fee exemption
  • Health Insurance for enrolled students
  • Travel, Study, and Book costs
  • Monthly stipends of up to CAD$20,000
  • Complimentary Accommodation at the dorm
  • Canadian Study Visa fee coverage
  • Research and Thesis costs, etc.

How to Study in Quebec, Canada Without IELTS

Studying in Quebec, Canada, without IELTS is no longer a significant concern as most Canadian universities in Quebec have waived off the IELTS requirements provided an applicant can verify requisite English language proficiency using IELTS alternative certs. Interested applicants can now take IELTS alternative exams or submit English language competence certifications to fulfill language proficiency requirements. Students may choose different standards to adhere to the language proficiency requirements. Such as:

  • Submission of language proficiency certificate from the ex-institution.
  • Candidates from English-native countries do not need to submit IELTS scores.
  • IELTS is not necessary to submit if a candidate has completed five years of education or obtained a previous degree from an English medium school.
  • IELTS is no longer needed to take admission into the English language course at any Quebec Canadian university.
  • Submitting the IELTS alternative acceptable test scores.

It makes sense that the IELTS test is the industry standard for evaluating a candidate's ability to understand and speak English. However, there are times when students cannot submit their IELTS scores because they did not receive the necessary score, which prevents them from receiving the desired scholarship or admission to a Canadian university. Hence, follow the above-listed routes to fulfill the language proficiency requirements of any Quebec Canadian Universities.

Alternative Language Tests Accepted by the Universities in Quebec, Canada

The universities in Quebec have provided a list of IELTS Alternate Acceptable tests to meet the language requirements.

  • DET
  • PTE
  • CAEL
  • CanTEST
  • CAE

Acceptable French Tests at the Universities in Quebec, Canada

The universities in the bilingual province of Quebec in Canada offer courses in both French and English. As a result, to meet the requirements for French language competency, applicants who wish to pursue courses in the language must present any of the test results specified below.

  • TCF
  • DALF
  • DELF
  • TEF
  • CanTEST

Quebec Canada Scholarships Without IELTS

Following are the most substantial and prominent scholarships in Quebec Province of Canada:


Quebec Merit Scholarships

Students enrolling in development, postgraduate, and technical studies are eligible for Quebec Merit scholarships. Candidates might obtain the scholarship reward for up to CAD 35,000/27,880 annually with Health insurance. However, the scholarship program will comprehensively cover the cost of Ph.D. tuition. American or Asian citizens who speak French can also apply for these grants. The Quebec Merit Scholarships do not require IELTS scores; applicants may submit their TOEFL test results or proof of language competency.

Montreal University Scholarships

Undergraduate, graduate and postdoctoral degrees are eligible for the Montreal University Scholarships. Candidates can take advantage of several perks, including health facilities, monthly rewards, and tuition fee exemptions. IELTS is optional while applying for scholarships at Montreal University, nevertheless. However, students must submit their TOEFL exam results or their French B2 level results. MCC/Canadian Japanese Scholarships, Tuition Fee Exemption Scholarships, and many more are among the scholarships provided by Montreal University. 40% to 50% of applicants are accepted to Montreal University. 109,50 CAD is Montreal University's application fee for admission.

Concordia University Scholarships

All undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students are eligible to apply for the prestigious Concordia University's scholarships. The winners will be awarded the little grants for degree completion and tuition fee reduction up to the maximum rate, along with food, books, and transportation costs. IELTS is not a problem either because Concordia University accepts TOEFL and DET. Concordia University has announced several prestigious prizes, including the Concordia Presidential Scholarship, Entrance Scholarships, Concordia International Scholars Awards, In-Course Scholarships, Concordia Merit Scholarships, FRQSC Doctoral Research Scholarships, etc. Acceptance Rate: 58.7% to 70.7% Application for Admission: 100 CAD (non-refundable)

Bishop's University Scholarships

Students studying undergrad and graduate courses at this esteemed college are eligible for various scholarship prizes, bursaries, and grants from the University of Bishop. On the other hand, these scholarships will pay for various educational expenses, including tuition waivers, stipends ranging from $500 to $20,000, the opportunity to interact with the Bishop's chancellor and community members, attendance at the annual Leadership Retreat, and some other extra benefits.

Candidates can submit the DET, PTE, CAE, CPE, TOEFL, MELAB, and CAEL scores instead of IELTS to complete the language requirements of Bishop’s University. Competitive Scholarships, Chancellor's Scholarships, Entrance Scholarship Awards, etc. are some notable scholarship programs Bishop's University offers. Bishop's University's acceptance rate ranges from 70% to 80%. Bishop's University's application cost for admission is CAD 65.

Quebec Excellence Scholarship Program

Students pursuing postgraduate study and research programs at any higher education institution in Quebec are eligible for the Quebec Excellence Scholarship Program. The winners will get a stipend of $25,000 per year for doctorate studies, $3,000 per year for research grants, and $35,000 per year for post-doctoral fellowships. IELTS is not a requirement to be eligible for the Quebec Excellence Scholarship.

Université du Québec Scholarships

The Université du Québec offers a variety of MBA, Ph.D., Bachelor's, Short Programs, & Major Programs scholarships that are partially or entirely sponsored. Candidates who are awarded these scholarships need not worry about paying tuition because they will be paid in whole or part up until the completion of the degree. Université du Québec accepts TOEFL as an alternative to IELTS. AsterX Pierre-Péladeau Scholarships, Mackenzie King Scholarships, Universal Doctoral Support Scholarships, etc. are only a few of the scholarships at the Université du Québec. The acceptance rate at the University of Quebec is 45%. Universite du Quebec Admission Application Fee: CAD 140.

McGill University Scholarships

The different financed scholarships issued by McGill University are open to interested candidates enrolled in their Undergraduate, Graduate, Postgraduate, and Doctorate programs. Undergraduate scholarship winners will also be eligible to receive up to $8,500 in additional forms of financial aid. Candidates can submit the TOEFL results or language competency certificate to fulfill the language requirements of McGill University.

Faculty-specific entrance scholarships, merit-based scholarships, graduate scholarships, research scholarship programs, etc., are some significant scholarships offered by the prestigious McGill University. 52% of applicants are accepted at McGill University. The university's application fee for admission is $50 Canadian.

Université Laval Scholarships

The University is of Laval is renowned for sponsoring undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Candidates can take advantage of endless scholarship perks, such as a tuition fee exemption up to a certain amount, clinical training, skill development, and much more. DALF, DELF, and TCF test results are required for financial aid and admission to Université Laval. The Canadian Francophonie Scholarship Program, Admission Scholarship, Rotary Foundation Scholarship, Master's Scholarships, etc. are some of the scholarships provided by Université Laval. The University of Laval's acceptance rate is 59%. University of Laval's application fee for admission is 92.5 CAD.

Université de Sherbrooke Scholarships

The Bachelor's, Master's, Research, and Ph.D. programs of the French-speaking Université de Sherbrooke are funded through scholarships. Other than the scholarship incentives and tuition grants, recipients will also be entitled to receive research & thesis funds. To meet the Université de Sherbrooke's language requirements, applicants must demonstrate French language fluency and acceptable TOEFL test results. The University of Sherbrooke has announced several scholarships for research presentations, undergraduate admission, the FORCE Foundation, and many others. The University of Sherbrooke's acceptance rate ranges from 52% to 68%. University of Sherbrooke's application fee for admission is 90 CAD.

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Université TÉLUQ Scholarships

The University of Téluq is renowned for offering a range of undergraduate, graduate, and collaboration scholarships and exchange programs. This university, like the others, offers scholarships to help with the expense of tuition and research. Université TÉLUQ does not request IELTS test results, though. The Université TÉLUQ also offers renowned entrance scholarships, excellence scholarships, involvement grants, and others. University TÉLUQ's acceptance rate is only somewhat competitive. University TÉLUQ's application fee for admission is CAD 82. Photo of Scholarships with Full Funding.

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