Looking for a government job in Australia? The Department of Home Affairs has vacancies for 2023!

You’re an ambitious person with an eye for detail. You want to work in the Australian Government, and you’re not willing to stop until you get there. Luckily, the Department of Home Affairs has positions open, and you can learn about these vacancies by reading the rest of this article.

Looking for a government job in Australia? The Department of Home Affairs has vacancies for 2023!

The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) employees enjoy a stable and challenging work environment where they can utilize their skills and talents to serve their country better. The DHA currently has job vacancies for 2023, so if you’re seeking government employment in Australia, it’s time to take action! Applicants must be permanent residents or Australian citizens who are at least 20 years old, have graduated from high school or have completed GED requirements, have at least one year of experience in administration or related fields, and speak English proficiently. Read on to learn more about these positions and the application process! Fill out an application for a position with the Department of Home Affairs in Australia. The department of home affairs has a large number of employment openings.

People are looking for rewarding employment possibilities as existential demands increase. While employed people struggle to make ends meet, jobless individuals must deal with difficult circumstances to survive in the face of growing prices. People are now looking for employment opportunities that provide a competitive wage and additional benefits. It is primarily because of the costs associated with travel and healthcare. As a result, people favor employment opportunities that provide them benefits. However, finding such opportunities or quitting your employment is challenging.

We are here to inform you of the Australian Department of Home Affairs job vacancies, their benefits, allowances, application processes, and needed documentation while closing down on the job remains your burden. So read the article to the end to learn about the finest job vacancies at the Australian Department of Home Affairs!

About Job Employment in Australia

Australia's Department of Home Affairs offers many job opportunities in diverse fields. Are you looking for a chance? Check out the current listings to see if there's anything that sparks your interest, and, who knows; you might be on your way to an exciting new adventure soon enough. Job Vacancies Dept of Home Affairs 2023 – Australia Government jobs. 

Jobs in the Australian Department of Home Affairs: Salary and Benefits

The Australian Department of Home Affairs offers a variety of incentives and bonuses to its workers. The Australian Department of Home Affairs views job vacancies as excellent chances. They are not only regarded as excellent investment choices, but they also give employees a ton of experience.

Employee compensation in the Department of Home Affairs:

Depending on their qualifications, staff in the Australian Department of Home Affairs get a variety of remuneration packages. Certain salary bands are chosen to give wage packages that consider the employee's capabilities. A 15.4% employee contribution to superannuation is made to the employees in addition to their pay. The Australian Department of Home Affairs program is excellent.

Because it creates a performance-based climate within the organization, this project deserves praise. Additionally, staff of the Australian Department of Home Affairs gets allowances. These allowances might be based on performance or necessity. Some job vacancies also provide health and travel benefits.

Leaves for Home Affairs Department employees:

In recognition of the burnout workers experience from long hours at the office; the employees are also given substantial leave of absence. These leave options include 20 days of the yearly vacation, 18 days of personal or caregiving leave each year, and unpaid leave if the paid leave has been exhausted. Additionally, travel expenses are covered if an employee is summoned back from a leave granted.


Flexible leave policies are uncommon in workplaces. Most businesses have unpaid leave policies in place, which have an impact on employees' ability to support themselves. However, the Australian Department of Home Affairs is a fantastic place for employees to work since it understands their requirements.

The environment of Work at the Home Affairs Department:

The Australian Department of Home Affairs also offers a healthy work environment as part of its mission to protect staff members' mental health. The company has created a social club and a staff wellness program to accomplish this goal. This enables the workers to take breaks from their jobs and engage in social interactions away from potentially exhausting work situations.

Additionally, workers frequently deal with a variety of personal events. Their productivity at work may suffer as a result, as well as their mental health. As a result, the firm makes it careful to protect the mental health of its personnel through the provision of mental health services. Additionally, free flu shots are provided to them as a preventative measure.

Why choose to  work in the Department 

Because it offers employees a variety of options, the Australian Department of Home Affairs is a fantastic place to work. The company offers flexible working hours, including time-in-lieu and flextime hours, in recognition of the need to preserve work-life balance. This makes it easier for the employees to manage their workload and live healthy lives. Employees may also bargain for part-time hours of work through the organization. Additionally, they have the option of job-sharing, which is not common in businesses. The company also provides telework to provide flexible working hours.

Details of Jobs in the Australian Department of Home Affairs

The Australian Department of Home Affairs deals with various matters to ensure national security. Therefore, the job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs cover vast categories, which makes it possible for individuals of different professions to pursue a job opening at the organization. There are numerous categories consisting of multiple job opportunities. Some of the classes are as follows:

  • Federal Law Enforcement
  • National and Transport Security
  • Criminal Justice
  • Emergency Management
  • Multicultural Affairs
  • Settlement Services
  • Immigration
  • Border-Related Functions

Note: Job openings in each category may be office or field-based.

How to apply

To apply for any jobs from the Dept. of Home Affairs, follow this step-by-step guide:

  1. Visit the job page on their website and click ‘apply now 2. Create your profile by entering basic personal details like your name, address, and email address. Next, you will be asked to upload your CV. You can either upload it as a .doc file or attach it as a .pdf file. Once done, you will be directed to the next screen, where you need to answer some questions about why you want this job and what makes you stand out from other candidates (for example: are there any qualifications that make you more qualified for the role than others?). These questions are essential to the application process, so read them carefully before submitting them.

How do I keep track of the jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs?

While several publications may educate you about upcoming job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs, they cannot cover every post. As a result, you aren't aware of a job opening in your selected field. Furthermore, these job openings are frequently changed, making it impossible to find them in articles.

As a result, you must independently research the Australian Department of Home Affairs openings. Visit their pages that provide information about job openings to remain current on the organization's open positions. The Australian Department of Home Affairs users are routinely informed about new job openings at the company through the Board, Career, and HR websites. With this, you may apply for the job immediately and improve your chances of getting hired.

Jobs at the Australian Department of Home Affairs

Currently, there are 50+ vacant job positions in the home affairs department of Australia. Some of the job openings at the Australian Department of Home Affairs include:

1 Fleet Manager

Recently, the Australian Department of Home Affairs posted a job post for a Canberra-based fleet manager. The fleet manager will primarily be responsible for the technical management of eight Cape Class Patrol Boats, four larger hulls, or 30 smaller hull vessels.

2 Policy Officer

The Australian Department of Home Affairs requires a police officer who can analyze the visa policies and advise the Senior Executive and government officials surrounding visa programs that can fit the development of Australia. The salary package for the police officer position ranges from $81 879 to $96,873.


3 Assistance Director-SAP Governance and Monitoring

The role is associated with developing financial frameworks and governance to ensure that the SAP financial IT system serves positively to businesses. Moreover, the Assistant Director will ensure that the provision of roles is aligned with Segregation of Duties (SoD) principles. Given that this is a pivotal role, the salary for Assisnatnce director SAP ranges from $103,424 to $121,293.

4 Transport Security Inspector

The position is a highly demanding role that requires the Transport Security Inspector to collaborate with intelligence agencies and develop on-the-spot strategies to deal with arising difficulties. It requires quick thinking, given that it’s a fast-paced environment. The Transport Security Inspector ensures the security of goods and travelers moving through Australian waters. The salary package for the transport security manager ranges from $75,381 to $81,196.

5 Business Manager- Architecture, Design, and Security

The position requires refined communication skills to deal with various parties. The primary role of the business manager will be to advise the Assistant Secretary (AS) on architecture, design, and security. Therefore, the position requires sharp analytical skills. Moreover, it requires commendable organizational skills, given high levels of interaction with different stakeholders. The salary package for the Business Manager job ranges from $103,424 to $121,292.

6 Statistical Analyst

The role of a statistical analyst is highly important for the Australian Department of Home Affairs. It is because the role demands technical skill and credibility. The statistical analyst will be required to analyze data requiring technical skills. However, confidentiality remains the primary demand of the organization, given the sensitive information. Moreover, the Statistical Analyst must have good communication skills to interact with stakeholders. The salary for the Statistical Analyst role ranges from $69,127 to $74,562.
Start Your Job Application Now!

This concludes our guide concerning the Australian Department of Home Affairs job openings, benefits, and application procedures. We hope that you found the guide helpful! Leave any queries below, and we will be happy to help you out!

Final Thought 

The Australian Government employs over 17,000 people and has many job opportunities for those looking to contribute their skills and knowledge. You don't need to know someone who works at the Department of Home Affairs or go through an expensive application process like some employers because you can apply online. If you're considering a career change, look no further than the Australian Government's Jobs Vacancies department, where there are jobs that suit your qualifications. So what are you waiting for? Start your job search now!

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