Luxembourg Job Opportunities for Foreigners

Jobs vacancies in Luxembourg for foreigners 2023, is an opportunity to significantly increase the family budget, enjoy the stunning nature, architectural structures and other local attractions. Despite the high level of competition in Luxembourg there are job opportunities for both highly qualified specialists and unskilled workers in the country.

Luxembourg Job Opportunities for Foreigners

Luxembourg is a small state in Western Europe, located between Belgium, France, and Germany, with a population in 2022 of only about 642.4 thousand people. At the same time, according to official statistics, about 40% of the locals come from abroad. Luxembourg has one of the highest salaries in the world, which undoubtedly attracts migrant workers from all over the world.

The country has a stable and dynamic economy, with various sectors - industrial, agricultural and financial. In 2022, unemployment in Luxembourg is about 5-6% and there will be virtually no inflation. The standard of living of Luxembourg is considered the highest in the eurozone, and the country is among the first in the world in terms of GDP per capita. How to find a job in Luxembourg, available vacancies and salaries, as well as requirements for foreigners, will be discussed further in the article.

Employment of Foreigners in Luxembourg

Unlike citizens of the European Union, who are free to work in Luxembourg, foreigners from third countries have to go through several procedures before they arrive in the country. The main task is to find an employer and conclude an employment contract. It is not easy to convince a local company of its competitive advantages because many Europeans work in Luxembourg, often even without permanent residence in this country.

To hire a foreigner, the employer must notify the National Employment Agency (Agence pour le développement de l'emploi – ADEM) of the vacancy. If within 3 weeks there are no local or European candidates for the job, it is allowed to apply for a job from other countries. After signing a labor, contract foreigner must apply to the Luxembourg Consulate for a temporary residence permit and visa.

The Require Documents for Residence Permit.

The documents for a temporary residence permit are examined by the Luxembourg Department for Foreigners. The following information is usually required:

  • A copy of a valid foreign passport.
  • Birth certificate.
  • Copies of diplomas and other certificates proving qualifications.
  • Duly completed resume, short biography, and letter of motivation.
  • Criminal record certificate.
  • Copy of employment contract and certificate of employment eligibility obtained from ADEM.

The employees of the Luxembourg diplomatic office will provide more detailed assistance in the matter of collecting documents. The only thing worth mentioning is that all documentation must be properly certified and translated into one of the following languages - French, German, or English. In the case of a favorable decision on issuing a temporary residence permit, a long-term visa type D is issued.

After arrival in Luxembourg, you must register at the municipal office (Kommune) in the place of residence within 3 working days, and you can start working.

In addition, within 3 months you will need to undergo a medical examination and apply to the immigration office for a residence permit.

Initially, the document is issued for one year with the right to extend and allows you to work only in a particular profession. After 5 years of permanent residence in Luxembourg, permanent residence is granted, and 10 years will allow you to obtain citizenship.

Jobs Qualifications in Luxembourg

We are looking for candidates who fulfill the following criteria:

  1. You have graduated, or are you about to graduate with a Bachelor's or Master’s degree.
  2. You have gained work experience in one of our service lines.
  3. You are fluent in English. German and French are considered as assets.
  4. You are a team player with a positive attitude.
  5. You have good communication and organizational skills.
  6. You would like to join a dynamic firm and make an impact.

How to find a job in Luxembourg.

Finding a job without intermediaries.

To successfully find a job in Luxembourg in 2022, foreigners will need qualifications, experience, language skills (English, French, German), and, most importantly, patience. Local authorities are mainly interested in attracting foreign specialists who will be able to fill gaps in the local labor market and will benefit the economy of the country.

How to find a job in Luxembourg.

Available vacancies in Luxembourg are published not only in local specialized publications but also in the media of other European countries, in particular the UK and Germany. Use a comprehensive approach and all modern methods of employment. Let us highlight the main options for finding a job in Luxembourg.

The official website of the Luxembourg Public Employment Service –

The significant reasons Why you should Work in Luxembourg

Junior, senior, or on career transition, with 71% of foreigners among the working population, Luxembourg can be defined only as land that attracts. But what are the real reasons for this?


Ease of integration through openness to multiculturalism already established (3rd European capital, 200 000 border workers.

Strategic geographical location: at the crossroads of Europe between Germany, Belgium, and France

Easily accessible

International airport; Luxembourg station with European high-speed trains; abundant motorway network
Human-sized capital: all the qualities of a significant capital nearby.

Attractive labor market: decreasing unemployment rate (5.3%) despite the increasingly active population; Brexit, which tends to bring large companies back to the Luxembourg market; development of the start-up network

Crime rate decreasing: strong regulation for GDPR compliance

Financial attractiveness: higher than average wage conditions in neighboring countries; double social security for cross-border commuters; lower taxation for companies; rising GDP

Development opportunities: headquarters of significant structures (Arcelor, Ferrero, Deloitte,

Financial hyper-center

130 banks; a world leader in the fund sector (4,110 domiciled funds); major European financial institutions

Modern infrastructure

high ultra-high speed Internet coverage; development of public transportation (free of charge from March 2020)

Some Likely Questions from Applicants.

How and when do I apply?

Current vacancies for trainees, graduates and experienced professionals can be found on our job board. We recruit throughout the year

We recommend starting the recruitment process as soon as possible. For graduate roles in audit, please apply one year in advance.

How do KPMG’s recruitment and selection process work?

Typically, their recruitment and selection process is divided into four steps:

1) Cover letter and CV-screening
2) Technical assessment (only required for specific profiles)
3) First interview with HR and a second interview with a Business Specialist(s)
4) Decision notification and detailed feedback (within two weeks of the interview)

What career opportunities does KPMG offer?

KPMG Luxembourg offers a diverse range of opportunities for you. Visit our specific career pages to see which department fits your profile best:

  • Careers in Audit
  • Taxation as a career
  • Advisory career

Careers in Business Services (Facilities, Finance, Human Resources, Information Technology & Digital Transformation, Knowledge Management, Marketing & Communications)

What are the main languages spoken at KPMG Luxembourg?

English is the working language at KPMG Luxembourg. Besides English, French and German are the most frequently spoken languages within the firm. However, with more than 60 nationalities at KPMG Luxembourg, you will likely hear other languages spoken in the corridors.

Is it necessary to speak an additional language?

No, it is not mandatory. However, any other languages are optional as an asset.

What can I do with a Bachelor’s degree?

They have a range of roles available for holders of Bachelor’s degrees

Do I have to be an EU citizen to apply?

Third-country nationals can apply for a role at KPMG. Successful applicants will require a residence permit if any of the following conditions are fulfilled:

    • You reside abroad and intend to set up residence in Luxembourg to carry out a salaried activity;
    • You already legally reside in Luxembourg without having worked there and wish to carry out a salaried activity;
    • You already legally reside and work in Luxembourg but intend to carry out a profession or work in an area of activity for which you are not yet authorized.

Can they Aboard me?

We onboard new employees on the first and fifteenth of every month. If these dates are a weekend or public holiday, you will receive a notification from our HR team with a new date.

More extensive onboarding sessions are organized annually in January, September, and October. Newcomers arriving in September and October attend an induction week abroad, where they will meet their co-workers, receive technical and soft-skills training and learn more about the firm.

What training does KPMG offer?

The average employee receives approximately 70 hours of training a year. They give serious training to all the employees in business, leadership, and technical skills, either online or face-to-face. You will also have the opportunity to attend external courses and improve your language skills. Our Learning & Development Business Partners will help you to grow and develop throughout your career.
What is it like to live and work in Luxembourg?
They have prepared a brochure to guide you through living and working in Luxembourg.

Who has access to my application form?

KPMG treats any information supplied by you during the application process with the utmost confidentiality. By completing the online application process, you are to agree on the manner of data processing.

Can I apply for more than one business area?

All the available vacancies are on the KPMG Luxembourg job board. You can submit as many applications as possible, considering your experience and career goals.

Is a cover letter mandatory?

KPMG Luxembourg does not restrict CV and cover letter format. A cover letter is not mandatory but recommended as it will reinforce the critical points of your resume.

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