Luxembourg Schengen Sports Visa

What is a Sports Schengen Visa? A kind of short stay (Type C) visa allowing you access to the Schengen area for up to 90 days within a 180-day period for sports purposes

Luxembourg Schengen Sports Visa

To promote the diversity of people in entertainment, sports, performances, and culture, the Luxembourg government designed a specific Luxembourg non-immigrant visa. The sports visa encourages internationally recognized athletes, entertainment groups, performers, and cultural coaches to come to Luxembourg. They would have to be able to get a Luxembourg sponsor to ensure their visit and dates of performances.

However, Luxembourg One of Europe’s smallest countries is nevertheless one of the continent’s and world’s wealthiest states. Popular with business travelers, the country also draws those seeking Luxembourg Tourist and sports visas to discover its unique blend of French and German culture.

You may need a visa to travel to Luxembourg, depending on where you are from (nationality), the length of your trip (duration of stay), and your reason for travel (type of visa needed). There are numerous types of visas for Luxembourg, which are valid for travel for specific purposes and times. Different Luxembourg visas have different Luxembourg visa requirements and validity periods.

In general, Luxembourg visas can be divided into two main categories: short stay visas and long stay visas (an extended stay visa for Luxembourg is required for those looking to spend more than 90 days in the country)(While a short stay visa is in Luxembourg is required for those who want to stay in the country less than 90 days). However, our primary concern is a short-stay sports visa.

What is Schengen Sports Visa?

The Schengen sports visa, also known as the cultural/sports/religious and film crew visa, lets individuals travel to different Schengen countries to participate in sporting events, cultural events, religious events, or even as a part of a film crew.

The permit can grant a stay of up to 90 days in 180 days. However, quite often, the validity of the visa is only given according to the duration of the event you will be attending. This can be as short as 2 weeks and even be as long as 3 months.

Eligibility for Schengen Sports visa:

Since the P1 visa is an umbrella for the P1A and P1B visas, there are different requirements for them to be eligible. For the athletes applying for a P1A visa, two of the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  1. Athletes must have participated in a major  sports league
  2. Athletes must have participated in a Luxembourg college, university, or intercollegiate sports league
  3. Athletes must have participated in a national or international level competition or event
  4. Athletes must have been nationally or internationally ranked in a high position
  5. Athletes must have obtained a national or international award for their excellence.

Documents Required For Schengen Sports Visa:

As per the Schengen sports visa requirements for Indian citizens, the following documents must be submitted along with your application -

  • A valid passport according to the regulations.
  • 2 photos.
  • A personal covering letter addressed to the respective embassy stating the reasons and details of the visit.
  • Flight reservation for the round trip.
  • Proof of civil status - marriage certificate, birth certificate of children, etc.
  • Proof of accommodation - hotel bookings/invitation to stay/rent agreements, etc.
  • Medical travel insurance coverage up to at least 30000 Euros.
  • Proof of occupation/study such as employment letter, enrollment letter, NOC, etc.
  • Financial documents such as bank statements, passbook copies, etc.

Photo Specification of Schengen Sports Visa:

The photos provided for the application must be by the following specifications -

  1. Dimensions: 35mm X 45mm
  2. Colour: Coloured
  3. The Head must occupy the central position
  4. Must be captured within the last 3 months
  5. Background: Solid, plain white or grey
  6. 80% face coverage
  7. Neutral expression
  8. Glasses: Non-thick framed and prescription glasses
  9. Headgears - only for religious reasons
  10. Facial hair - permitted.

After you apply for Schengen Sports Visa:

Once the application has been submitted, it is sent to the consular section of the embassy or consulate for processing. If the application were submitted at a VAC, it would be forwarded to the respective embassy/consulate for processing (per the jurisdiction).

Note that the VAC does not influence the application processing. They are solely responsible for the administrative aspects of the application.

Once your visa has been approved, you can collect it directly from the VAC or embassy/consulate, or you can pay an additional fee to have the VAC deliver it to you.

Processing Time of Schengen Sports Visa:

The processing time for a sports/cultural/religious and film crew visa is contingent on the volume of applications at the respective embassy, the number of entries, the validity, the authenticity of your documents, and your previous travel history.

Your application will typically be processed within 15 business days. This can, however, take up to 30 or even 90 days in extreme circumstances. Therefore, you must submit your visa application well in advance.

How to check Schengen Sports Visa Status?

There are typically multiple ways to check the status of a Schengen sports visa, depending on the countries involved. If you have applied to one of the VACs, you can track the status of your Schengen visa through their online portal by entering your application reference number and date of birth.

Additionally, certain embassies provide comparable services. You can also contact the travel agency through which you submitted your application and request that they track it.

Schengen Sports Visa Fee:

The fees for a Schengen sports visa depend on the applicant's age and the foreign exchange rate. Additionally, the embassy has the authority to modify the fees without prior notice. T

The standard application fee for an adult is sixty Euros. Because the fee must be paid in the local currency, it can fluctuate based on the foreign exchange rate. In addition to the application fee, there may be biometric fees, delivery fees (if applicable), and any additional service fees. Therefore, you must verify the exact amount before applying.

As for the sports visa or internationally recognized entertainment group, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

  • The entertainer or group has had significant success in ratings, records, videos sales, or box offices sales
  • The entertainer or group has achievements outlined in trade journals or major newspapers
  • The entertainer or group has recognition from critics, government agencies, or other field experts who can testify to the individual’s or group’s achievements
  • The entertainer or group has a high salary and reasonable compensation for the activities that they do.

How to Apply for the Sports Visa?

The application for the Schengen sports visa, for either the athletes or the entertainers, follows similar patterns. The athletes or entertainers cannot start the application themselves. They must be sponsored by a Luxembourg employer or organization to go to Luxembourg to perform or compete. Therefore, the first step is for the Luxembourg employer or sponsor to petition Luxembourg Citizenship and Immigration Services (LCIS) and get approval.


Filing the petition:

Employer or sponsor in Luxembourg must submit Form I-129, Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker to LCIS for athletes or entertainers to apply for a sports visa. The petition must be submitted no later than six months before the scheduled performance, and a fee of $695 per petition (beginning October 2, 2021) must be paid. If the Luxembourg employer is petitioning for a team of athletes or performers, they may submit a group petition rather than individual petitions for each member.

Besides the main Form I-129 petition, the Luxembourg employer must also submit documentation and evidence. For the sports visa or the athletic visa, these documents must be filed:

  1. Proof of consultation with a labor organization
  2. An itinerary of events or performances with dates and durations for each event
  3. Contracts with Luxembourg sports leagues or teams
  4. Evidence of eligibility that the individual athlete or the team is nationally or internationally recognized as outlined in the requirements section.

After the Luxembourg sponsors or employers submit the petition to LCIS, it will be processed within two to eight weeks. If the petition is approved, LCIS will send Form I-797, Notice of Action, to the Luxembourg sponsors and the athletes or entertainers. Only after they have sent the approval can athletes and entertainers begin the visa application process at their local Luxembourg Embassy.

Fill in Form DS-160:

Nonimmigrant visa applicants typically submit Form DS-160, Online Nonimmigrant Visa Application. It will contain questions regarding your personal information, background, and reason for visiting Luxembourg. You will receive a confirmation page and code for your document file after submitting the form.

Pay the application fee:

Visa application fees are $190 for all sports visas. You must pay this fee to continue with the application process. In addition to the application fee, visa issuance fees may apply, depending on your country's relationship with Luxembourg. The amount differs from nation to nation. After paying the fees, you must keep the receipts and include them in the documents file.

Schedule your visa interview:

All nonimmigrant visa applicants between 14 and 79 years old must attend an interview with the Luxembourg Embassy. Due to their heavy workload, the interview should be scheduled as soon as possible. You will receive an interview confirmation letter when you schedule your visa interview, which you must bring on the day of your interview.

Prepare your document file:

You must have your complete document file with you when you apply for the sports visa.

To apply for a Schengen visa, there is a file of documents that the applicant is required to submit. Besides the standard required documents for any Luxembourg non-immigrant visa, the file for a P1 visa application must also contain these documents:

  • Your approved petition with the Form I-797
  • Letter from your employer outlining the details of your performance and events
  • Contract with your employer or sponsor
  • Proof that you as an individual or member of a team of athletes or entertainers are nationally or internationally recognized
  • If you bring your dependents with you on a sports visa, you must have a valid marriage certificate for your spouse or birth certificates for your children.

Attend the interview:

A Luxembourg Embassy official will conduct the visa interview. You must go on time and bring your documents. The interviewer will ask about your background and intent to go to Luxembourg. You must provide accurate information since if the officer suspects you are not giving them any details, they will deny your visa.

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