The ins and outs of renewing your student visa in Australia

In Australia, student visas are granted by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). They cover full-time or part-time study at an institution in Australia, regardless of whether you are on a full or part-time course. However, each visa has its conditions and requirements for renewing your student visa in Australia. If you’re wondering how to renew your student visa, read on!

The ins and outs of renewing your student visa in Australia

If you are an international student studying in Australia, you should know some essential things about renewing your student visa. Suppose you’re from the United States, Canada, or Europe and have been living in Australia for one or two years. In that case, you’ll be eligible to apply for an extension of your Australian student visa from within the country as long as your course is scheduled to last another year. These details can vary depending on what type of student visa you currently have, so it’s essential to check with the proper authorities if you’re unsure how long your current passport will last.

What is a Visa

Australian visas are issued by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, a different department from the Australian Border Force. The Department is responsible for managing keys for people coming to visit, immigrate to, or work in Australia. They use specific criteria to determine whether you will be granted a visa, including your health status, criminal record, the time you intend to stay in the country, where you plan on living in Australia, and where any other family members already live.

What is a Student visa?

A Student Visa is issued to people coming to study in Australia. It gives the holder permission to stay in the country for a period determined by the time they are registered as a full-time student. This can range from three months up to five years, depending on how long their course lasts. A Student Visa lets you work part-time for no more than 20 hours per week, excluding casual work during semester breaks, holidays, and Christmas/New Year.

How to apply for a Student Visa

To study overseas as an international student, you must apply for a Student Visa. You need to know some important things when applying for this visa.

First, suppose you have not completed secondary education (or its equivalent) or the age requirement to attend the university or institution in question. In that case, you may not qualify for this type of visa and should contact the admissions department of the desired school before proceeding. Second, it is necessary to provide evidence that you have sufficient funds to cover tuition fees and living expenses; the amount of funds required varies depending on factors such as tuition fees, the number of family members studying simultaneously, etc. Thirdly, while waiting for the outcome of your application, you cannot work or study without explicit permission from Immigration New Zealand. Lastly, it is possible that a positive result from your application can take up to 12 weeks.

How long does it take to process?

In the case of a full-time higher education course, the processing time is approximately 6-8 weeks. These are maximum times, but there are no guarantees that it will take this long as circumstances vary.

It's worth bearing in mind that once you've finished your course, you can apply for another visa if you're not eligible for the post-study work migration program. If your class ends before July 1st, 2020, you can apply for a 457 temporary skilled worker visa or permanent residency under the Employer Nomination Scheme. You can also go back home and re-enter Australia on a tourist visa if you have sufficient funds or find an employer willing to sponsor your skills so that they may bring you back.

What are the costs involved?

Typically the cost for a 1-year extension on a student visa is about $11,000AUD (roughly $8,800USD). However, this is not set in stone as the fees change depending on your course and if you are studying full-time or part-time. Students can also apply for an 11-month extension requiring them to pay $8500AUD. Again, these costs depend on whether they study full-time or part-time. When it comes to extensions, they should be applied at least two months before the end of their visa so that they have plenty of time to complete all the paperwork and plan their trip back home if need be.


Can I Extend an Australia Student Visa 500?

You must apply for a new student visa to extend your time in Australia. However, you must have very compelling reasons to be eligible for a new visa:

  • Your current visa is about to expire without finishing your study course.
  • You are starting a new study program.
  • Your graduate research candidature was lengthened.
  • Your graduate research thesis hasn’t been marked yet after submission, and your visa is about to expire.
  • The Department of Foreign Affairs canceled your first visa.

How Do I Extend an Australia Student Visa?

For a student visa extension, be sure to keep in mind these steps:

  1. Check your visa conditions.
  2. Apply for a waiver of the visa condition.
  3. Apply for an extension of your CoE (Confirmation of Enrolment).
  4. Extend your health insurance OSHC.
  5. Prepare your documents.
  6. Apply for the visa online.

Check Your Visa Conditions

If your student visa is subjected to a no further stay condition, then you won’t be able to apply for another visa unless you use to waive the requirement. For student visas, there are two types of no further stay conditions:

No other stay condition 8534

Your case officer will decide whether to include condition 8534 on your student visa. If this condition is imposed on your student visa, then you won’t be able to apply for another Australia visa unless you are applying for:

  • A temporary graduate visa subclass 485.
  • A student guardian visa-subclass 590.
  • A protection visa.

You can apply for a temporary graduate visa using a paper application form, and you won’t be required to apply for a waiver of the visa condition.

You don’t have to apply for a waiver on this visa condition if you’ve completed the initial course of study and you want to apply for one of these visas:

  •     General skilled migration visa- subclass 189 or subclass 190.
  •     Business talent visa- subclass 132.
  •     Employee nomination scheme visa- subclass 186.
  •     Regional sponsored migration scheme visa- subclass 187.
  •     Business innovation and investment (provisional) visa- subclass 188.

    Temporary Skill Shortage visa-subclass 482.

No further stay condition 8535

This condition is mandatory for student visa holders supported by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade or the Department of Defence. You won’t be able to apply for another visa with this condition other than:

    A temporary student visa (class TU). If the Commonwealth or a foreign government sponsors you.
    A protection visa.

If you want to apply for any other visa in Australia, you must apply for a waiver of condition 8535.
Apply for Waiver of the Visa Condition

You must have compelling reasons for needing a condition waiver for your visa. You must submit a request for a way release by filling in the waiver form online or on paper and submitting it to the Department of Foreign Affairs.

Attach a copy of your passport bio page and evidence of why you need a waiver (medical condition, personal problems, unable to finish the study program, etc.) application. If the Department grants your waiver request, then you can apply for another visa. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean you will be given a new visa.
Apply For an Extension of Your Coe (Confirmation of Enrolment)


Your confirmation letter of enrolment expires, and it’s vital that you have a valid CoE if you want to apply for a new student visa. Your education provider issues your CoE and it’s essential that you apply for a new CoE as soon as possible, as most institutions won’t be able to issue a new letter on the spot.
Extend Your Health Insurance OSHC

You must apply for your health insurance extension separately before applying for your visa. If your insurance is still valid, you don’t have to apply for an extension on your policy.

Apply for the Visa Online

Once you have all the documents ready you can apply for a new visa through your ImmiAccount. Remember that you are still required to pay a visa application fee.
When Should I Apply For a Student Visa Extension?

You should apply for your new student visa at least eight weeks before your current visa expires. After you submit your application, you will most likely receive a bridging visa. The bridging visa allows you to stay legally in Australia while your new student visa is processed.

The Department of Foreign Affairs will most likely issue a bridging visa A (BVA), if you want to travel, then you have to switch to a bridging visa B (BVB) because if you leave Australia under a BVA, your bridging visa won’t be valid anymore and you can’t re-enter the country.
How Long Can I Stay in Australia After My Student Visa Expires?

You can’t stay in Australia after your student visa expires; you must have a valid visa to stay legally.
Australia Student Visa Extension Fee

Your visa extension fee costs AUD 630. This is the same amount as when you applied for your initial student visa. Even for an extension, the visa charges change if you have dependents.

Australia Student Visa Extension Fee Waiver

You wouldn’t have to pay a student visa extension fee if you hold a visa before or after February 1, 2020. This waiver applies to students who weren’t able to finish their studies due to Covid-19:

  •     Students who had to pause their course due to travel restrictions.
  •     Students had to switch to part-time study because their educational provider couldn’t provide core subjects.
  •     Students who weren’t able to finish their workplace-based training.

Your education provider must complete this form on your behalf, and then you can submit the form to the Department of Foreign Affairs. You must attach form 1545 to your completed visa application- only online applications are accepted in this case.

Australia Student Visa Extension for Thesis Submission

Research graduates have to finish their thesis within their visa deadline. For most cases, a student visa will be valid per the student’s study program length. If you haven’t managed to submit your thesis by the end of your study course, you have 28 days to leave Australia or make other visa arrangements.

What about Accommodation?

Accommodation is a question that many international students will ask. Since you're going to be studying in a country where English is not the first language, you'll want to stay where you feel comfortable. Here are some things to consider when looking for accommodation. Does it have Wi-Fi? Are there cafés nearby? Is it safe? How close is it to campus?

Am I eligible for Discounted Accommodation?

International students can find discounts on their accommodations with assistance from universities. You may be eligible for help if you are:

  • an international (non-Australian) resident
  • enrolled full-time at a University that participates in the Sponsored Student Housing Scheme (e.g., UTS); or,
  • currently studying high school at UTS on a one-year International Baccalaureate program.

What are the requirements for my English Language Skills?

To apply for a renewal or replacement, you must prove fluent in English. It is up to the government's discretion whether they'll accept a certificate from one organization over another, so it's essential to make sure it's from an accredited school like TOEFL (or Test Of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS.

The organizations will test how well you can read, write, speak and understand English. The tests vary in length depending on which level of proficiency you are aiming for but typically range from two hours to three hours long. To be considered proficient at the highest level, your score must be at least 7; if it falls below this mark, then there is a chance that your application will not be accepted.

Where can I get help with my application?

You must apply to the Regional Processing Center through their website for a study visa to work in the country. If you are outside of Australia when your current student visa expires, you should apply for a new one from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. With the Department providing vital support during this process, it's best to contact them directly with any questions about how to go about getting a study permit.

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Final Thought

With all the required application forms and documentation, getting a student visa for Australia can be daunting. In addition to taking care of the paperwork, it is essential to understand the conditions you must abide by while on the visa. Remember to read through these before applying to know precisely what is expected of you. Happy navigating! When one first hears about applying for an Australian student visa, one may feel overwhelmed with everything one needs to do. Luckily, many guides are available to help this process smoothly.

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