Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada 2023 Without IELTS

The Canadian undergraduate scholarship program offers students the chance to receive money for their studies if they meet specific eligibility criteria. If you want to study at the undergraduate level in Canada, this resource guide offers step-by-step guidance on how to get admitted without an IELTS score or degree from an English-speaking country.

Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada 2023 Without IELTS

Applications for Canadian Scholarships for undergraduates without IELTS requirements are now open to interested international students who wish to study for free in Canada for the 2023/24 academic session.

International students from all over the world are welcome to apply for generously financed undergraduate scholarships from Canadian universities and the federal government. All international freshmen may currently apply for such partially or fully financed Canadian BS scholarships. To begin your undergraduate degree program under a fantastic scholarship program with some commendable financial coverages, look into a suitable alternative relevant to the field.

Canada is a top choice for overseas students because of its high standard of education, affordable or free tuition and application fees, variety of degree programs across many subjects, supported scholarships, etc. Conversely, most universities have relaxed IELTS requirements for Canadian entrance and scholarship applications.

So, if you are considering completing your undergraduate degree in Canada but are concerned about the high costs of admission and tuition, then end all such problems. Students can also lessen their financial burden by applying for the BS scholarships granted by prominent universities in Canada in partnership with the Canadian Government. The universities in Canada offer admission without application fees.

Funding Coverage of the Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada

The valuable Canadian scholarships for BS students offer a variety of financial protections to pay the full cost of school and make the academic path easy and stress-free. The following advantages may be expected by Canadian undergrad scholarship winners in full or in part:

  • Partial/Full Tuition Fee waivers
  • Free Accommodation
  • Monthly Stipends by Canada
  • Study Material, Book, and Food costs
  • Student Health Insurance by Canadian Insurance Companies
  • Round Air Tickets to Canada
  • Travel Expenses inside Canada
  • Sports club membership
  • Valuable scholarship rewards and tuition grants

Fully-Funded Canadian Universities' Scholarships

Generally, applying for admission and scholarships differs from university to university. But as a new student, all you need to do is choose the appropriate degree program from among those offered in a variety of professions. Next, decide which college you wish to attend. Verify that the university you've chosen must provide the degree program. Check out the university's official application portal to see how the application submission procedure works.

Most universities do not charge anything for application, so check all the prerequisites for admission and language proficiency before submitting your materials in the format specified and with any required application fees. Send in the entrance and a separate scholarship application after satisfying all language and eligibility requirements.

After being accepted into the desired degree program, students must apply for a Canadian scholarship. However, some universities occasionally will examine applicants for Canadian scholarships and those applying for admission and will not require a separate scholarship application.


Acceptable English Language Proficiency Tests in Canada

Candidates must submit their language test results when applying for scholarships and admission to Canadian universities to demonstrate their language competency. Most Canadian universities demand IELTS as proof of language ability, making it the most frequently accepted language test.

But getting the necessary IELTS test scores is more complicated than it seems. People fall short of the necessary goal and fall behind in pursuing scholarships or admittance. The universities in Canada are also accepting results from the IELTS alternative test to account for these issues.

List of Acceptable IELTS Alternative Tests for Admissions in Canadian Universities

The list of IELTS substitutes recognized by esteemed Canadian universities as meeting the requirements is shown below.

  • CPE Cambridge Test (CAE)
  • Test of English as Foreign Language (TOEFL)
  • Pearson English Language Test (PTE)
  • Academic English Program for University and College Entry (AEPUCE)
  • Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP)
  • Canadian Assessment English language (CAEL)
  • Duolingo English Test (DET)
  • Canadian Test of English for scholars and Trainees (CanTEST)

Undergraduate Scholarships in Canada

Here are the Canadian scholarships for undergraduates.

University of Winnipeg Scholarships

The very well-known University of Winnipeg is the first one we have. It is renowned for providing a range of scholarships to local and international students enrolled in BS programs. These scholarships offer a variety of benefits to pay for various costs associated with the degree program. IELTS is not required. For University of Winnipeg scholarships, applicants may also submit CanTest, TOEFL, DET, CAE, CPE, CAEL, CAEL-CE, & PTE scores.

The President's Scholarship for World Leaders, Westland Foundation Scholarships, International Special Entrance Scholarships, Departmental Awards, etc. is only a few undergraduate scholarships provided by the University of Winnipeg. Furthermore, the admissions to the University of Winnipeg is 75%. The University of Winnipeg charges $100 for local applicants and $120 for international applicants as application fees for admission (for international students).

The University of Saskatchewan Scholarships

The University of Saskatchewan offers many undergraduate scholarships for first-year and entry students. Each scholarship program offers numerous worthwhile benefits and regular stipends. Candidates interested in receiving undergraduate scholarships from the University of Saskatchewan must submit their IELTS results. Choose the MELAB, CAEL, TOEFL iBT, CanTest, CAE, Duolingo, and PTE Academic scores to satisfy the language requirements if IELTS scores cannot be submitted.

The University of Saskatchewan offers a variety of BS scholarships, including the Edward Undergraduate Scholarship, USask Bridging Scholarship Awards, and International Student Entrance Scholarship. The acceptance rate at Saskatchewan University is 45% Application fee for admission to Saskatchewan University: is $120 Canadian.

Carleton University Scholarships

Noble undergraduate scholarships are available for Carleton University's esteemed students pursuing Bachelor's degrees. It offers annual or monthly stipends, grants, and tuition waivers like other colleges. For Carleton University Scholarships, language tests other than the IELTS that are allowed include the TOEFL iBT, PTE, CAEL, ESL, and CAEL-CE.

Transfer Scholarships for Undergraduate Students, Entrance Scholarships, Prestige Scholarships, Carleton Capital scholarships, etc. are just a handful of the undergraduate scholarships offered by Carleton University. The acceptance rate at Carleton University is 21%. Application fees for admission to Carleton University are $110.00.

University of Guelph Scholarships

The University of Guelph awards undergraduate scholarships based on academic performance and GPA. Candidates enrolled in BS programs can submit their IELTS, ELCP, CAEL, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, DET, PTE, and TOEFL scores to apply for University of Guelph Undergraduate Scholarships.

Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships, Undergraduate In-Course Scholarships, International Undergraduate Entrance Scholarships, President's Scholarships, etc., are a few well-known BS scholarships provided by the University of Guelph. Admissions at the University of Guelph is 66%. Application fees for admission to the University of Guelph are 40 CAD.


NSERC-Undergraduate Student Research Awards

The NSERC-Undergraduate Student Research Awards, worth $6,000, have been offered by the Canadian government to meritorious individuals who aspire to pursue careers in engineering and natural sciences research. Applications must be submitted using the institute's application site of your choice. For Canadian permanent residents enrolling in undergraduate programs, the NSERC-Undergraduate Student Research Awards is a 14–16 week program with no IELTS requirements.

Brandon University Scholarships

In addition to IELTS results, students participating in the Bachelor's program at Brandon University may also submit scores from the CAEL CE, CAEL, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, CanTest, EAP, PTEA, & TOEFL when applying for undergraduate scholarships at Brandon University. The scholarship awardees from Brandon University are eligible to receive awards worth up to $2,800 or more.

Brandon University offers Dean's Awards for Undergraduate Research Excellence, AP Advanced Scholarships, and other critical undergraduate scholarships. The acceptance rate at Brandon University is 47.5%. Application fees for admission to Brandon University are CAD 70.00 (Minnesotans & residents) and CAD 140.00. (international students)

Concordia University Scholarships

Undergraduate scholarships with multiple financial coverages, including health insurance, study costs, tuition fee reductions, and stipends, have been announced by Concordia University in Quebec. The Concordia University BS Scholarships are open to interested candidates who submit their IELTS test results. IELTS test results are not necessary to submit, nevertheless. Candidates may also submit their TOEFL and Duolingo scores.

Concordia University offers a variety of undergraduate scholarships, including the Concordia Presidential Scholarship, entrance grants, and awards for international scholars. The acceptance rate at Concordia University is 70.8%. Application fee for admission to Concordia University: $100 Canadian (non-refundable)

The University of Windsor Scholarships

IELTS and other alternative scores, such as TOEFL, SAT, and ACT, are now accepted by the respected University of Windsor for undergraduate scholarships. These BS scholarships will also offer high-value grants and prizes to the chosen candidates.

The High Skills Major Scholarships Program, UWindsor Special Event Awards, Athletic Scholarships, etc., are just a few of the University of Windsor Undergraduate Scholarships that applicants can apply for. Admission rate to the University of Windsor is 64%. The application fee for admission to the University of Windsor is $75 and $125. (non-refundable).

OAS Academic Scholarships

For undergraduate students, the Canadian government has created OAS Academic Scholarships. Benefits of scholarships include a $30,000 award for each school year, health insurance, a monthly stipend for sustenance, a yearly book allowance, roundtrip plane travel, etc. This Canadian scholarship will last 12 to 24 months. Permanent residents and nationals of the Caribbean Member States who speak English are further eligible for this scholarship. Additionally, there aren't any particular IELTS criteria for the OAS Academic Scholarship.

McGill University Scholarships

The hefty tuition costs shouldn't concern any undergraduate students enrolled at McGill University. McGill University has made numerous BS scholarships available, including numerous academic coverages up till degree completion. IELTS or alternative test results, such as the TOEFL or language certifications, must be submitted to meet the language requirements for McGill University Scholarships.

Here are some of the undergraduate scholarships offered by McGill University, including merit-based entrance scholarships, faculty-specific awards, in-course awards, etc. The acceptance rate at McGill University is 52%. Application fees for admission to McGill University are CAD 50.

University of Regina Scholarships

There are dozens of undergraduate scholarships available for students enrolled in BS programs at the University of Regina. Candidates who apply will be eligible for various scholarship perks, including housing assistance. Show your IELTS or IELTS alternative language test results, such as those from the ELP, PTE, MELAB, TOEFL iBT, DET, or CAEL, to satisfy the eligibility requirements.

The University of Regina offers a variety of undergraduate scholarships, including the University of Regina International Entrance Scholarship and the UR Circle of Scholars Entrance Scholarship. College of Regina Acceptance Rate: 80% to 90% Very Low Competition. The University of Regina charges a $100 application fee for admission.

Dick Martin Scholarship Award

Another prominent scholarship given by the Canadian government to undergraduate students engaged in health and safety programs is the Dick Martin Scholarship. Students pursuing either a bachelor's or a diploma program can apply for this $3,000 & $5,000 award. Applicant candidates must be enrolled in the (OHS) course program to be eligible. IELTS test results are not necessary for the Dick Martin Scholarship, though.

Royal Roads University Scholarships

Another well-known name in Canada is renowned for awarding several BS scholarships to deserving international students. IELTS, TOEFL-iBT, PTE-A, and DET scores are required of applicants for Royal Roads University Scholarships. In addition, winners will get a prize ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 per year.

Several well-known undergraduate scholarships are offered by Royal Roads University, including the International Entrance Scholarship for Academic and Community Leadership and the International Entrance Scholarship for Royal Roads University. The acceptance rate at Royal Roads University: is 55% to 60%. Application fees for admission to Royal Roads University are CAD 126.28.

Memorial University of Newfoundland Scholarships

By offering a variety of sponsored BS scholarships, Memorial University of Newfoundland is renowned for relieving the financial burden on undergraduate students. If IELTS is not accessible, interested candidates are instructed to submit CAEL, TOEFL, Duolingo, C1 Advanced or C2 Proficiency, CanTest, & MET to satisfy Memorial University of Newfoundland criteria.

General Motors Undergraduate Scholarships, the Dr. Evan Simpson Indigenous Undergraduate Entrance Scholarship, the IUGS Entrance Scholarship for Undergraduate Students, and others are some well-Canadian scholarships for BS students. The University of Memorial in Newfoundland's Ratio of Acceptance is 67%. The University of Memorial in Newfoundland Admission Application Fee: $60 (locals) and $120 (internationals).

International Business Scholarships by the Government of Canada

However, this time it is for students pursuing an undergraduate degree in business, finance, or accounting (individually or in combination with environment and sustainability studies). The Canadian Government offers many renowned scholarships in collaboration with Canadian institutions and universities. Students who are Canadian citizens or permanent residents and have high GPAs are eligible to apply for the $4,000 international business scholarships. The International Business Scholarships do not, however, require IELTS scores.

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