100k+ Salaries: The Highest Paying Jobs After Bachelor Degree in the UK

The United Kingdom’s economy, like those of many Western countries, has been suffering from the aftereffects of the Great Recession of 2008-09 for years now, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still lucrative career opportunities awaiting those who’ve earned Bachelor degree in the UK and are willing to work hard and be adaptable. The following list outlines several promising fields, each with its salary trends and predicted growth rates through 2024, so take a look if you’re interested in top-earning jobs after college in the UK.

100k+ Salaries: The Highest Paying Jobs After Bachelor Degree in the UK

When choosing your university or college, what degree you should choose and even the best places to find work once you graduate can be overwhelming. If you’re looking for the highest paying jobs after your bachelor's degree in the UK, here are 5 of the highest paying jobs available right now and information on how to secure one of these lucrative positions. Check out this list of 100k+ salaries to see if one of these high-paying jobs could be right for you!

You will find many subject options, eventually deciding your career niche ahead of undergraduation. Some of the courses/subjects would help fresh grads to make a high fortune, whereas a few o

f the issues might not be well paid or received in the market due to lack of demand.

Are you applying for a bachelor’s/undergraduate degree and finding it hard to choose a major among the many options available? If yes, this is the right article because it will help you decide your path.

This is not a decision to be made overnight because, let’s face it, your choice of bachelor’s is a stepping-stone towards your future career. Thus, careful consideration is the key. We will start by simplifying a bachelor’s degree and why it is needed.

What is a Bachelor's degree?

A bachelor's degree is a significant milestone for any student. It signifies you have achieved your first higher education level and completed four years of study. However, a bachelor's degree does not define your career path; there are many more levels to strive for once you graduate from college.

Here are ten jobs that pay 100,000 or more annually but require a bachelor's degree as their minimum qualification.

Bachelor’s Degree Importance for Entry Level Jobs

A bachelor’s degree is an undergraduate degree awarded after four years of study in a specific disciple or field. Not only are bachelor students trained in their particular field of study, but they are also taught general courses that build on their critical thinking and analytical skills- thus, an all-rounder is a good word to describe the bachelor’s degree. 


While many argue that a 4-year extensive degree is not a requirement in today’s world, we present the counter-argument, believing that it is needed because a bachelor’s degree builds on your existing capabilities and develops new skills. Second, it opens various doors to career development, not just through further studies but also significant employment opportunities available right after your bachelor’s graduation. However, it would be best if you made the right choice of the degree to avail these perks. 

So, what can be done with a bachelor’s degree? Keep reading. Let's find out what your bachelor's degree can offer you in the future, whether you are a graduate or an undergraduate.

What can my Bachelor's Degree Offer me?

A bachelor's degree offers and prepares you for an excellent and high-level job in many fields. However, this field may be in business operation, Human resources, Information technology, or IT; It may also be Engineering, Accounting, Data analytics, Marketing, etc. Meanwhile, it also educates you with the necessary skills to develop the start-up in the area you may find yourself fit. 
So, there is much to do with it, depending on your interest and field of study. Speaking in financial terms, if you make the right choice of degree, you can earn an amount of $100,000 on average annually.

List of High Paying Jobs after Undergraduate in the UK for the US

Below is a compiled list of high-paying jobs that you can pursue after your bachelor’s, which will help you decide on your field of study, as this list will give you an insight into the more well-paying fields, and the jobs available that are relevant to your interests:

1 Actuary Jobs: $114,713+

Being one of the highest-paying bachelor’s degree jobs, one essential need for actuaries is an advanced-level skill in mathematics and statistics for the cost-benefit analysis conducted for different businesses and clients. If you pursue a bachelor’s degree that sharpens or builds these skills for you, you are on the road to earning an astounding average amount of $114,713 per year with an actuary job.

2 Software Engineer Jobs: $120,000+

Doing your bachelors in software engineering would be highly fruitful as well, as the demand for software engineers is high. Thus, it is highly likely for fresh graduates to get a job. This will help you earn more than $120,000 annually. So if you are tech-savvy and passionate about programming and creating- this will be a good option. 

3 Hardware Engineer Jobs: $100,000+

This, again, is a good option because bachelor-level hardware engineers easily earn greater than $100,000 per annum, on average. It is a highly demanding job where you will get to design, build, and test physical components of technology. You can work in many businesses, computer companies, prestigious research centers, and government agencies. If this is your ideal type of work, opt for a degree to keep the doors open for such opportunities.

4 Cyber Security Jobs: $199,000+

As digitalization has become the norm, and the internet is now widely accessible, there is an unmet need for cyber security to prevent and investigate security breaches and strengthen computer networks. Thus, jobs in cyber security are widely available to relevant bachelor’s degree holders.

5 Computer Scientist Jobs: $11,000+

A bachelor’s in computer science or any other related disciple will also not go to waste: we are in a technological wave, with new gadgets being introduced time and again, such as smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, etc., and for this type of production, computer scientists are necessary. You can earn over $110,000 on average per annum initially after your bachelor’s, but there is room for increments as experience grows.

6 Network Architect Jobs: $128,000+

This is one of the highest-paying jobs for bachelor’s graduates, with a whopping earning potential of over $128,000. As a network architect, you will be in demand in every industry. This is because this job designs network infrastructures that balance a company’s technological objectives, and financial constraints, transforming business needs into technical systems and tools. 

7 Airline Pilot Jobs: $130,000+

This is an interesting and highly paid job because you can apply to become an airline pilot with a bachelor’s degree in any subject- thus, it is an open route. However, you will have to clear flying examinations and get advanced certification granted by FAA. Also, there is a projected 5% growth in the airline industry jobs in the future, and most importantly, an average amount of $130,000+ can be earned annually. 

8 Information Technology (IT) Jobs: $101,210+

The IT field is rapidly expanding, and with that, the demand for IT specialists is ever-growing, too- there has been witnessed the growth of over 6% in IT jobs over the decade, and you can earn up to $101,210 per year on average. If you choose to get a bachelor’s in IT, you will become a sought graduate because large companies like Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. are always looking for fresh talent. 


9 Project Manager Jobs: $73,900+

Designing, budgeting, and implementing projects is what comes under the scope of this job. Project managers are required in almost every sector, so job openings continuously increase, and bachelor’s graduates can easily earn up to $73,900 per year, on average. A degree in social sciences, business, management, and many more keeps the doors for this job opening, so you have several options.

10 Electrical Engineering Jobs: $102,600+

Electrical equipment is a need of this time across industries. The brain behind these is that of electrical engineers. Thus it is a very in-demand job. On average, students pursuing their bachelor’s in electrical engineering work in manufacturing, telecommunications, R&D, etc., and earn over $102,600 yearly. They are making this one of the highest-paying bachelor’s degree jobs.

11 Human Resources Specialist Jobs: $63,000+

For companies to be able to recruit the best of the best and manage their extensive workforce, Human Resource specialists are required. This job involves understanding human behavior, good personality judgment, and the ability to select and manage the right people. If this interests you, this job is a good option with a yearly earning potential of $63,000+ for fresh bachelor’s graduates.

12 Social Media Manager Jobs: $49,000+

Since most businesses now rely on social media for marketing, business engagement analysis, online presence, and customer base building- a manager to handle all social handles has become increasingly common. For your bachelor’s, if you major in marketing, business, English, etc., you can score a social media manager job as a fresh graduate, and earn $49,000+ on average, which is also expected to increase with the continuous trend of e-commerce. 

13 Web Designer Jobs: $77,000+

Web designer jobs are also high paying and in-demand: fresh graduates, preferably with a bachelor’s in computer science, web design, and development, or other related disciples can earn an average annual salary of $77,000+. Web designers combine creativity and technicality of website designing, such as the many programming languages necessary to be equipped with, such as Python, CSS, etc. 

14 Database Administrator Jobs: $88,156+

Post-bachelors, database administrator jobs pay well: on average, up to $88,156 per annum can be earned. So if you are interested in working on databases, be it updating, structuring, or designing, going for a bachelor’s degree that could lead up to this job will be a good idea.

15 Nuclear Engineer Jobs: $87,720+

Nuclear engineers are responsible for monitoring, designing, and operating nuclear equipment; if this is something that inspires you, it is a great field to be in because you will have job opportunities as a nuclear engineer across industries and will be able to earn an average yearly income of $87,720. 

16 Financial Analyst Jobs: $83,660+

Financial analysts are an absolute need because proper analysis of business financial positions and financial decision-making requires them. As a financial analyst, you can work anywhere, be it governmental organizations or businesses, and can even make economic forecasts at a national level—all the while earning an excellent yearly amount of $83,660 on average.

17 Aerospace Engineer Jobs: $104,679+

Spacecraft, planes, missiles, and national defense systems are all designed, constructed, and tested by aerospace engineers. They frequently collaborate with engineering companies, research centers, and even the federal government to address challenging technical issues- making it one of the highest paying bachelor’s degree jobs: a striking $104,679 can be earned annually on average. 

18 Event Manager Jobs: $33,000+

Event management has become a prominent field in recent years, as the trend of having intimate or grand events for the slightest occasion has become normalized. This job will help you combine creative thinking with management and communication skills. With a management degree and a creative mind, you can earn over $33,000+ per year just starting.

19 Interior Designer Jobs: $100,000+

Another artistic job you can pursue after a bachelor’s degree in a design-related field is that of an interior designer. Interior designers revamp the look of whatever place they assign, small or big, building or home. If this is your interest, you can earn an average of $100,000+ doing what you love. 

20 Materials Engineer Jobs: $93,000+

Working with materials such as metals, polymers, and ceramics to create materials needed for new products is the forte of materials engineers. Materials engineers assess material costs, quality, and processing and can work in several businesses and government organizations. Thus, you will have ample work opportunities if this is your field of interest. With a bachelor’s degree in material engineering, you will have the chance to apply to over 1,800 job openings and can earn a yearly salary of $93,000+ on average. 

21 Chemical Engineering Jobs: $80,900 – $150,000

Chemical engineers construct, test, and employ machinery and methods for blending and refining basic materials to produce significant products. Although they can operate with any molecule, they frequently work with food and medications. Chemical engineers can find employment in research facilities, government organizations, food producers, and pharmaceutical firms.

Future forecasts show that in ten years, there is likely to be a 9% increase in job openings for chemical engineers, and you can make up to $80,900-$150k per year, on average. 

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Final Thought 

Do you want to make more money after university? If so, finding a high-paying job might be a good idea. For example, there are some excellent options if you want a career with 100K or more on average as an annual salary. These high-paying jobs come with great benefits and other perks too. The above has the list of our bachelor’s degree jobs in the United kingdom. We hope you will find this very important.

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