Apply Now! Jobs in the Netherlands With Free Work Visa 2023

Several companies in the Netherlands are hiring for high-paying positions. If you're looking for a high-paying job, this article will give you all the information you need on which Dutch companies are authorized to provide foreign workers with jobs in the Netherlands with a free work visa.

Apply Now! Jobs in the Netherlands With Free Work Visa 2023

Would you like to start a career in the Netherlands? If the answer is yes, this is your chance. Hundreds of internationally renowned organizations in the Netherlands have offered job openings that would sponsor your visa so you can say goodbye to visa concerns. Internationally qualified candidates who have relevant degrees and work experience are welcome to apply for these positions and receive unrestricted perks for the duration of their employment.

In the Netherlands, obtaining a work visa is not a simple process. It takes a great deal of work and hardship. Therefore, considering these concerns, interested candidates now have the fantastic opportunity to apply for positions in several departments giving visa sponsorship to support international talent.

Working in the Netherlands

Most full-time employees work 36 to 40 hours weekly, Monday through Friday. While many opt to work part-time, some choose to work a four-day work week, putting in long hours over a shorter period. Four weeks of yearly leave, or a minimum of 20 days, are guaranteed to full-time workers. The current minimum wage for employees aged 21 and older is €1,653.60 per month, which is reviewed twice a year. For workers under this age, the amount rises in year increments, from €496.10 at age 15 to €1,322.90 at age 20.

The Dutch "30% ruling," which allows you to get 30% of your pay given to you tax-free for a maximum of eight years to offset the costs of relocating (although you won't need to have incurred expenses to be eligible), may be applicable if you were employed abroad to work in the Netherlands. This applies to workers hired into positions with a minimum taxable income of €37,000 before the ruling's application that are located at least 150 kilometers from the Dutch border, covering all regions of the UK. For more details, visit the Dutch tax office's official website.

Jobs in the Netherlands With Free Work Visa

Let's look at the Dutch companies that hire foreign workers for well-paid sponsored jobs. Try your luck and give it your all if you want to work for one of these companies. Also, review the compensation plan, benefits, and minimal qualifying requirements below.

Infosys LTD Jobs

Infosys Limited is a global IT business with branches in the Netherlands and other countries. The tech company has published several job openings for prospective candidates from outside. For the following positions: Senior Technology Architect, BMCS Manager, Corporate Legal Counsel, Data Science Consultant, etc., interested parties may apply.

Candidates with a BS degree and three years of work experience in CCM platforms with an understanding of Integrated Communication systems are favored over those with less-required qualifications. However, the wage with extra indulgences, such as housing, insurance, etc., goes from $59k to $92k yearly. Depending on the recruitment position and experience, the compensation scale may change.

Alpha FX Company Jobs

This is another recognized name in the Netherlands that welcomes applicants from outside to contribute their knowledge and work with the top capital market organization in the nation. While waiting for their work permits to be granted, chosen applicants will also receive visas. Alpha FX, on the other hand, is a firm believer in developing plans and methods that are essential in assisting institutions and investors in managing currencies.

You can join their task force as an international applicant and take on jobs like business development manager, foreign exchange dealer, compliance analyst, full stack developer, sales force developer, etc. The minimum requirements are a simple BS degree, in-depth B2B Exchange Market knowledge, and English proficiency. Benefits, however, come with a competitive income of £120,000 or more, as well as access to a private gym, a barbershop, mentoring sessions, a home commission, and much more.

ABN AMRO Bank Jobs

Millions of customers in the Netherlands are familiar with the name ABN AMRO. On the other hand, that prominent bank additionally provides eligible candidates with work sponsored by visas in various departments. By providing visa sponsorship, they aid deserving talent in achieving their objectives more quickly.

There are hundreds of open positions at this place, including those for assistant accountants, junior market officers, business experts, compliance officers, etc. However, working for ABN AMRO will earn you a competitive salary between $45k and $77k, along with other unique advantages. International candidates with three to five years of work experience and a BS or MS in accounting, finance, mathematics, or economics are invited. For these positions, it is also necessary to have knowledge of the financial market, business development plans, and products.

Optiver Company Jobs

Leading trading and risk management company Optiver is based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, and has other locations worldwide. Like the other businesses mentioned above, Optiver helps by offering relocation services and visa-sponsorship jobs to people who are not Dutch nationals.

Graduate quantitative researchers, network engineers, IT financial analysts, software engineers, and other positions are available to students with BSc, MSc, or Ph.D. degrees who Optiver employs. However, experience in asset management, CMDB, and ITAM, as well as knowledge of Python and Java, are highly desirable. The salary range is currently between $69k and $127k per year.

Picnic Company Visa Sponsored Jobs

A Dutch internet retailer, Picnic, has hundreds of job openings in various fields. It was a modest company that experienced extraordinary growth quickly and is currently hiring employees worldwide to extend its services. International candidates are also encouraged to apply for these positions, with generous wages of at least €63,000, free lunch, and learning opportunities. Jobs are offered in various fields, including commercial, creative & design, customer access, facilities & administration, and more.

Candidates may choose from the open positions listed below, including those for an assortment assistant, a customer support officer, a digital designer, a product designer, etc. Due to academic qualifications, professional experience, and other talents, the required qualifications and compensation package may change. However, the best candidates are those with bachelor's, master's, and diplomas in health & nutrition, diabetes, and knowledge of Adobe, Marvel, Figma, etc. Having a solid command of English is advantageous in the interim.

Stafide Company Jobs

Next is Stafide, a Dutch online job board that assists people in locating suitable positions in the selected field with competitive pay and other benefits. Thus, candidates with a BS or MS degree are eligible to apply for the positions indicated below. They must, however, know Javascript, Web-based applications, business models, and 5 to 6 years of expertise in the area.

Business analyst, SAP Workzone Consultant, software development engineering, transition & program management, etc. are all open roles at Stafide. The compensation range for the positions above is $85,000 to $90,000 per year, plus benefits, including assistance with visa sponsorship, travel expenses, and relocation assistance.

Orange Quarter Jobs

Thanks to Orange Quarter, contemporary recruitment consultants, software developers, marketing engineers, and data scientists have a fantastic opportunity to locate suitable opportunities in related industries. Many positions, including Full Stack Engineer, Product Designer, UX Designer, Senior Marketing Manager, etc., are open to interested candidates.

The Orange Quarter and other Dutch organizations provide the positions above with attractive compensation packages and other perks. Potential foreign applicants are eligible if they have a degree in a relevant discipline, professional experience, and knowledge of JavaScript and UX design.

ZIVVER Visa-Sponsored Jobs

Leading software provider Zivver in the Netherlands has hundreds of exciting positions available in many fields. International candidates are welcome to apply for these positions and receive benefits including a personal development budget of €1.000 and relocation incentives. However, those interested in the Zivver positions must have QA experience, a high level of education, and the ability to work on API testing, SMTP, DNS, and many other tasks. The ability to speak Dutch and English fluently is vital.

Sales engineers, enterprise account executives, data engineers, technical support specialists, and other positions are open. Additionally, the pay range at Zivver for chosen candidates ranges from €32,870 to €72,000 higher, considering work status and educational credentials.

Tripaneer Jobs

You can reserve a fun and secure vacation with Tripaneer to your preferred location, such as for yoga, wellness, and mental retreat trips. On the other hand, they have also taken the initiative to appoint elite and knowledgeable workers who may propel their company to new heights. As a result, several roles are vacant and seeking qualified applicants. The most sought-after international professionals have a Bachelor's or Master's degree in journalism, HR, marketing, etc.

However, there are office- and remote-based positions available that call for candidates with strong verbal and communication abilities, fluency in English and Dutch, five years of expertise in creative designing, office administration, business awareness, etc. The average income for the following vacant positions is $59,881 per year. They include HR Associates, Junior recruiters, Freelancers, Marketing Specialists, etc.

Coolblue Jobs

The well-known e-commerce brand Coolblue operates in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium with only fifteen physical storefronts. However, it has various home, culinary, and electronic gadgets. The goal of such a business is to expand its venture significantly. Because of this, it has started the hiring process and is searching for qualified applicants to fill well-paid openings.

The following highly-paid positions are available to qualified candidates: Front Web Developer, Product Owner Delivery, German Translator, Online Category Manager, etc. Employee benefits include wages ranging from $31,555 to $47,444 annually, travel grants, complimentary lunches, 25 days of vacation, and much more. All recent graduates and professionals who possess analytical, technological, problem-solving, and cloud computing skills are invited. However, a BS/MS or comparable degree in the targeted field and language fluency is the bare minimum acceptable requirement.

Hilton Company Jobs

A multinational corporation, Hilton operates hundreds of hotels and resorts in many nations. Additionally, it provides a wide range of employment opportunities in corporations, hotels, institutions, and HRCC. The following positions are open to those who want to join the Hilton family: Restaurant Server, Payable Accountant, RTR Supervisor, Brand Performance Support Director, etc.

Any candidate with a nationality from another country is eligible to apply for these positions, which pay $8 or more per hour with monthly benefits and paid time off. However, the minimal requirements include 2-year work history and an undergraduate or graduate degree in IT, accounting, human resources, etc. However, to work in the hotel industry, one must be fluent in English and have a degree in hotel management.

Why Work in the Netherlands?

Apart from the weather, food, and flatness, this small country has several significant aspects. Here are other reasons you should consider living and working in the Netherlands.

Job opportunities

Despite its modest size, there are plenty of new job prospects in the Netherlands. Numerous multinational and international businesses call the nation home. The Netherlands has developed into an intriguing multicultural hub where English is one of the most spoken languages in addition to Dutch due to the influx of many foreign talents.

The Netherlands has several expanding job sectors. These include food and beverage, energy, information technology, medical and life sciences, logistics, and creative industries. There will always be a job for you. Thus it doesn't matter what industry you work in. Finding a job in the Netherlands as an ex-pat with extensive training is not difficult. Particularly if you possess the credentials that many Dutch businesses need, you'll be able to get work if you're a recent graduate or a highly competent immigrant.

The work-life balance

The Netherlands frequently appears on lists of the top 10 places to live for a healthy work-life balance. The majority of Dutch employers are aware that life can have a variety of facets outside work. It could even be considered improper if you are required to work extra without receiving enough compensation. Although it's considerably more typical to work 36 to 40 hours a week rather than the maximum legal limit of 60, Typically, workdays last no more than eight hours.

Standard of Living

The Netherlands is well known for more than simply its laid-back attitude toward labor. Also living in high quality are the Dutch! According to the OECD, Dutch people have much higher life satisfaction than others worldwide due to their superior employment and income prospects, housing, education, health, and environmental standards. Even more people in the Netherlands (82%) say they had more pleasant experiences than negative ones on a typical day. In light of this, it is not unexpected that the Netherlands has been ranked as the sixth-happiest nation in the world by the United Nations Happiness Report and that it is one of the happiest nations in Europe by Eurostat.

The Community

The people of the Netherlands are highly amiable and welcoming, and they embrace people from various origins and cultures. The Dutch's reputation is tolerant, friendly, and open to new experiences. This is demonstrated not only in how they do business but also in how they make friends and develop bonds with others. Of course, they have a reputation for being blunt as well. But that only implies that they are sincere, and you can never be sure of their feelings for you. They'll let you know.

Additionally, the Dutch populace has perfect linguistic abilities. Most people in the Netherlands are fluent English speakers, and some even speak three languages or more. Communication is never challenging in the Netherlands, thanks to its diverse cultural population, making it a fantastic area for foreigners to settle.

Final Thoughts

Thanks partly to its expanding renewable sector, the Netherlands is quickly gaining popularity with ex-pats and foreign companies. It is not surprising that many foreigners are showing interest in this small country, given its robust economy and ranking among the greatest quality of life indices in the world.