Luxembourg Language Requirements for International Applicants

The first language (French, German, English) needs to be C1 level at minimum and the second and third languages (French, German, English) at B2 level (under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

Luxembourg Language Requirements for International Applicants

Luxembourg is one of the famous countries in Europe for its economic, industrial, and educational standards. The University's courses and programs are of the highest quality. The country is usually known for being one of the richest countries in Europe because it has the second-highest GDP in the world while still being a rural country. However, the popular courses that international students take in Luxembourg are economy, business administration, and nature or agriculture. For international students to study in this country, they must have English Language proficiency. Let's look at the language requirements for foreign applicants.

English Language Requirement for Nonnative Speakers

The applicant must demonstrate English language proficiency in one of the following ways:

  1. Minimum standardized test score:
    .Note: Please specify the JMU CEEB code (005392) on the testing form. Test scores must be sent directly from the testing agency to JMU. Student copies will not be accepted.
  • IELTS minimum score of 6.5
  • GTEC CBT minimum score of 1210
  • Duolingo English Test minimum score of 105
  • Pearson PTE Academic minimum score of 58
  • TOEFL minimum score of 81 (internet-based test)
  • SAT minimum score of 500 on the Evidenced-Based Reading and . Writing Portion of SAT exam
  • Cambridge English Exam - Certificate of Advanced English (CAE) minimum score of 176, CEFR level
  1. Submission of a General Certificate of Secondary Education or General Certificate of Education "O" level in English language.
  2. Possession of an American associate's or bachelor's degree equivalent from an accredited institution located in a country where English is the native language.
  3. Graduation from an accredited high school in a native English-speaking country where the applicant has resided for at least four years.

For applicants who do not meet the required English proficiency but meet all other academic requirements, the student may apply for the International Year Program at the James Madison University International Study Center.

Before thinking of your Luxembourg university, you need your student visa to the country of Luxembourg. For you to get this visa, you must fulfill the following requirements to obtain a student visa for Luxembourg.


Those exempt from submitting English proficiency scores are:

Applicants who hold citizenship from countries where English is the official language.
Applicants who have completed a bachelor's or graduate degree at a regionally accredited institution in Luxembourg or an approved institution in an official English-speaking country. Students eligible for this exemption, which are awarded a graduate teaching assistantship from their department, must complete the mandatory English Speaking Proficiency Evaluation (ESPE.) Refer to the GA Manual for more information Here.

Applicants who have not yet completed a degree, but have two years of full-time academic study and have taken 48 upper division, graded undergraduate semester units or 30 graded, graduate semester units at a regionally accredited institution in Luxembourg, or an approved institution in an official English-speaking country. Units must not be older than two years from the term of enrollment. Students eligible for this exemption, who are awarded a graduate teaching assistantship from their department, must complete the mandatory English Speaking Proficiency Evaluation (ESPE.) Refer to the GA Manual for more information:

Special Requirements for Graduate Teaching Assistants

In order to be hired as a Graduate Teaching Assistant or Associate, an admitted student must meet a higher level of English proficiency than the minimum required for admission. International GTAs must meet at least the following requirements in order to serve in this capacity:

  • TOEFL IBT Speaking Section – score of 24
  • TOEFL PBT - those who took the revised test after 2017 will be asked to take a UA CESL test of speaking skills.
  • TOEFL Essentials Test Speaking Section - score of 11
  • IELTS -Speaking Section 7.5
  • CEPT - Speaking Section 44
  • Completion of ES

Luxembourg Visa Requirements

  • Completed and signed visa application form.
  • Acceptance Letter from a specific Higher Education Institution of Luxembourg.
  • Travel & Medical Insurance Certificate for one Year.
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • A valid passport for at least six months.
  • Bank statement, which covers your living expenses during your studies for one year.
  • Return the Ticket with a letter in which you mention leaving the country after completing the course.

Eligibility Criteria in Luxembourg for Admission

Despite what is Applicant’s study background and which program he is interested in, the Applicant should fulfill the entry requirements to get admission in the course or program. Entry requirements are divided into categories, which are general and specific entry requirements.

Specific Entry Requirements

While specific entry requirements vary for each course or program, prerequisite subjects are required to get admission. Prerequisite subjects depend on the course’s specialization.


For example, if you want to study medicine or engineering in the bachelor’s degree program, you should have passed biology and mathematics, respectively, in high school.

The same rule of specific entry requirements applies to a master’s degree program, where prerequisite subjects are mentioned under each course.

Students can get an idea about a particular course, whether this course is relevant to my previous bachelor’s degree. If the answer is yes, he/she should apply for that particular course and get admitted.

General Entry Requirements

Every university or institution set the benchmark for each level of study to ensure that you have the basic skills and knowledge to start a course and finally complete it successfully. These benchmarks are called General entry requirements.

For a Bachelor's Degree

For many bachelor’s degree programs, general entry requirements remain the same. To meet the general entry requirements for bachelor’s level studies, the Student should have passed 12 years (High School) education. The student should have good Proficiency in English with 6 IELTS. A student with good grades has a higher chance of admission to a bachelor’s course.

Required Documents for Bachelor’s degree admissions

You need to fulfill the following requirements to get admission to Luxembourg University.

  • Officially issued & tested Secondary School Certificate (ISSC) & Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC).
  • Official transcripts.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) & Motivation Letter.
  • One Academic reference & one personal reference letter.
  • Make sure to know what the language requirements are, and whether you need to prove skills in English before enrolling in a degree program. IELTS or TOEFL is applicable. Normally level B2 in English is required.
  • Attach Tuition Fee Receipt of the course in which you are enrolled.
  • Required Documents for Embassy interview & Visa Process

For a Master's Degree

To meet the general entry requirements for master’s level studies, the student must have 16 years of education from the university in his/her homeland. That means you should have a Bachelor’s degree in hand to get admission to a master’s degree. IELTS is optional for a master’s course if you have done your previous studies in English. You only need to submit an English proficiency letter. The percentage should not be less than 45% marks when you complete your 12-year education.

Required Documents for Master’s degree admissions

You need to fulfill the following requirements to obtain a student visa for Luxembourg

  • Officially issued & tested Secondary School Certificate (ISSC) & Higher Secondary School Certificate (HSSC).
  • Official Transcripts.
  • Bachelor’s degree Certificates & Transcripts.
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) & Motivation Letter.
  • One Academic reference & one personal reference letter.
  • English language Proficiency: level B2 in English.
  • Payment Proof of University Tuition Fees.
  • Required Documents for Embassy interview & Visa Proces.

Application Process for universities in Luxembourg

Universities receive online applications from international students.

  1. You need to search for a course you are passionate about most relevant to your academic profile.
  2. The application fee to register for a course in university varies from 100 EUR to 200 EUR.
  3. Then you can submit an online application to a selective university for the desired course and upload all requested documents.
  4. Once the online application is filled in, you need to print it, add the requested documents and send your complete application file before the deadline.
  5. It will take four to six weeks to process your application once it reaches the admission department.
  6. Hence, you will get a Notification on whether you have been admitted to the study program you applied for.
  7. Now it's time to pay the tuition fee and obtain an acceptance letter from the university.
  8. It is better to upload transcripts to your degrees with certificates. The transcript shows how you have performed in your studies. It can help to get an admission letter from the university.
  9. If you want to enhance your chance to go to Luxembourg, apply to more than one university.

Some Likely Questions from Applicants:

What is the total Cost of Study in Luxembourg?

The Tuition fee varies for every course. But the overall fee is quite low. On Average, Luxembourg institutions cost between 400 EUR to 800 EUR per year.

There is no comparison with other EU countries, where the Tuition fee is from 2500 EUR to 10,000 EUR per year.

The currency is Euro (EUR) in Luxembourg. It is an expensive country to live in as compared to its neighboring countries. But the level of wages is also high. So by comparison, the cost of living is almost manageable through reasonable wages.

If you are living in the capital, obviously you would have higher expenses per month as compared to small cities or towns.

It is a small country, so it does not cost too much to move around or across borders.

You can always share accommodations or can apply for university residence.
Universities offer halls of residence to students. Which are much cheaper. The living expenses vary from 350 EUR to 700 EUR in these halls.

What are Job Opportunities in Luxembourg?

A student needs to accommodate himself during his studies. A student is allowed to work up to 15 hours per week with studies.

Luxembourg ranks higher in terms of jobs and earnings as compared to other countries. Students have a higher probability to find part-time jobs and support themselves.

After completing their studies, students can change their study visa into a work visa or business visa.

Luxembourg is ranked higher to find jobs, on the other hand, it is a quite business-friendly country. The concrete business starts up a plan that can be successful in this country.

To change residence permit, submit an application always one month before the study permit expires.


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