Permanent Jobs in Canadian Companies for Foreigners 2023

A permanent job in Canada may seem complicated, but it’s not as uncommon as many might think. While Canadian companies tend to employ people temporarily, this does not mean they’re unwilling to give you permanent work in Canada if the situation calls for it. You just need to know what you’re doing and understand the job market, so you don’t waste your time or hurt your chances of getting hired with unnecessary mistakes. Here are some tips on how to get permanent jobs in Canadian companies for foreigners and some essential rules you should follow to ensure success.

Permanent Jobs in Canadian Companies for Foreigners 2023

In 2022, there will be thousands of Canadian Jobs open for hiring at hundreds of Canadian businesses. Jobs are well paid in Canada. Employers in Canada accept applications from foreign nationals as well. Each applicant is given a fair shot at employment with the Canadian government. One can seek Canadian permanent residency after obtaining employment there.

A fantastic opportunity to excel in the relevant field is being given a chance to work on the global market. And if the nation is Canada, people can improve their abilities and experience while gaining first-hand experience working with a variety of clients. One can achieve their objectives by collaborating with well-known Canadian businesses. While hiring staff based on academic background, firms offer a variety of perks to those who work for them.

Benefits of Getting Permanent Jobs in Canadian Companies

Canadian businesses provide their full-time employees with a benefits package, also referred to as employee benefits. The Canadian Federal Labour Standards view employment benefits as obligatory.

Canadian employers' benefits include paid sick days, parental and maternity leave, vacation time, and health (dental and personal health) and employment insurance. The corporation also offers a high quality of life to those in prominent positions. One can readily assess the worthwhile benefits Canadian employers provide to their staff while also getting experience working in the global market.

Canadian Work Visa Requirements and Application Process

While there are many advantages to working in Canada, one must keep in mind that one can only join a company after obtaining a work permit. One needs a Canadian work permit to work in Canada as a foreigner. But to be eligible for that, the candidate must meet the following requirements:

  • The applicant must create an account on the Canadian Visa and Immigration app.
  • The applicant must enter his information and meet the prerequisites to process his application after creating an account.
  • After applying for a Canadian visa, the candidate must present an employment contract and a Canadian job offer letter from the employer where they plan to work.
  • The employer must grant the candidate a work permit detailing the hours and type of job they will be performing.
  • The applicant must have the necessary travel documentation, such as a passport.
  • The candidate must not be subject to any immigration or criminal limitations.

The candidate will be informed of his or her Canadian work visa status after the application procedure.

Permanent Job Opportunities in the Top Canadian Companies

While the person must meet specific standards to obtain a work permit for Canada, there are several career chances in prestigious Canadian companies that they can join by meeting specific criteria. Foreign applicants who meet the prerequisites can get into various career sectors based on their educational backgrounds and expertise.

The top Canadian companies offering job opportunities in multiple sectors are as follows:

1. Engineering Jobs in top Canadian Companies

For candidates, working with Canada's top engineering firms is a fantastic opportunity to study and advance in their academic subjects. Below is a list of Canadian engineering firms where people can work and earn expertise based on the value of working in the global market.

Aecon Group Inc.

Aecon, one of Canada's largest engineering firms, is the largest publicly traded construction company. Its headquarters are in Toronto, Ontario, and it significantly contributed to the construction of the CN Tower. The Aecon corporation employs almost 12000 people. The company also has a variety of job openings. The positions of site engineer, sales engineer, senior UI software engineer, production supervisor, project associate, and instrumentation & control technician are open to interested candidates.

Aecon Group Inc. pays its staff a yearly salary of C$76,531. Aecon Group Inc. pays an average annual salary of C$51,566. An average annual salary ranges from C$51,566 to C$125,705.

Bantrel Co.

Bantrel, one of the largest engineering firms in Canada, is a partnership between Bechtel and McCraig Investments. It is based in Calgary, Alberta. Bantrel Co. is run by the engineering, procurement, and construction management firms Bechtel Corporation and McCaig Investments. Among the engineering fields in which Bantrel excels in are oil, gas, chemicals, and mining metals. The Bantrel Co. employs over 1500 people. Interested people can also apply for several jobs at Bantrel Co. The company also has a variety of job openings.

The positions of senior process engineer, project coordinator, structural engineer, and technical writer are open to applicants who meet the requirements. Project control analysts make, on average, C$54,685, whereas project coordinators make C$96,880, senior process engineers make C$137,672, structural engineers make C$99,433, and technical writers make C$80,206.


CIMA+ is one of the top engineering companies in Canada, and it is based in Quebec. "Excellence in Engineering" is a relatively self-explanatory goal of CIMA+. Its work in civil engineering, geotechnics, geomatics, and project management firmly establishes it among renowned Canadian organizations. At CIMA+, more than 1900 people are employed. The company also has a variety of job openings.

The positions of project manager, electrical engineer, project engineer, and mechanical EIT are open to interested individuals. The range of CIMA+'s average pay is from 51,000 to 118,000 dollars.

2. Healthcare Jobs in Top Canadian Companies

Below is a list of prominent healthcare organizations where applicants can submit applications based on their educational background and professional objectives.

Jobs in Alberta Health Service (AHS)

Alberta Health Services (AHS) is in charge of promoting health and offering medical care across the province. The professional and dedicated staff of the AHS, who also work as volunteers, support staff, and physicians, provide care to almost 3.9 million Albertans. The workforce for Alberta Health Services is over 104,000. (AHS). Despite being a company in the health industry, AHS also has several employment options.

The positions of doctors, nurses, family practitioners, lab assistants, administrative staff, and pharmacists are open to interested candidates. The usual hourly wage for administrative assistants in AHS is between $9.00 and $70.00. AHS employees make an average weekly wage of $1,400 for nurses and $3,245 for registered nurses. Physicians employed by Alberta Health Services may expect to make between $64,588 and $369,118 per year.


McKesson Corporation, now ranked seventh on the FORTUNE 500, is a world leader in healthcare supply chain management solutions, retail pharmacy, healthcare technology, community oncology, and specialized care. Mckesson works with life sciences companies, manufacturers, providers, pharmacies, governments, and other healthcare organizations to help deliver the right drugs, medical products, and healthcare services to suitable patients at the right time, safely, and affordably. The company also has a variety of job openings.

Interested Candidates may submit applications for the positions of pharmacist, receptionist, senior financial analyst, associate facilities specialist, and pharmacy assistant. These are McKesson's typical salaries range from about $35,000 for a customer service representative to $83,146 for a senior financial analyst. At McKesson, the average wage for a receptionist is $13.65 per hour, while the average wage for a pharmacist is $43.12 per hour.


Its main office in Markham, Canada, Extendicare, is devoted to offering top-notch management and consulting services, skilled nursing care, home health care, and retirement living. For about 50 years, Extendicare's knowledgeable and skilled staff has helped individuals live better. Extendicare employs more than 1200 people. The company also has a variety of job openings. The positions of project coordinator, doctor, Receptionist, nurse, and screener are open to interested people. Extendicare, Inc. pays an average hourly wage of C$22.34. At Extendicare, Inc., the hourly rate ranges from C$16.54 to C$31.74.

3. Construction Jobs in Top Canadian Companies

Below is a list of the top Canadian construction firms. Applicants may submit an application based on their academic history.

PCL Construction

By a broad measure, PCL Construction comes in first with $8.4 billion in sales. In 1906, James Martin and Ernest Edward Poole founded the company in Saskatchewan. It employs more than 4,000 people and has offices in Australia, the Caribbean, Canada, and the United States. The company also has a variety of job openings. Interested candidates may apply for the positions of Project Manager, Project Coordinator, and Construction Estimator. At PCL Construction, Inc., the yearly compensation ranges from C$51,418 to C$103,937.

EllisDon Corporation

The Mississauga-based construction firm EllisDon operates worldwide (including 15 in Canada alone). Since 1951, the company has been in the construction industry. EllisDon is undoubtedly one of the most successful Canadian construction companies, with an estimated 2019 revenue of $4,411,122,000. The EllisDon Corporation employs more than 1000 people. The company also has a variety of job openings.

The positions of Senior Project Manager, Construction Manager, Safety Manager, and Proposal Coordinator are open to interested candidates. At EllisDon Corporation, the yearly compensation is, on average, C$72,187. The average annual salary at EllisDon Corporation ranges from C$50,472 to C$108,987.

Graham Construction

Graham Construction, one of the largest construction companies in Canada, specializes in the infrastructure and industrial sectors. In 1926, it was established in Saskatchewan. Graham Construction, an employee-owned company, has several affiliates, including Moltz Construction Incorporated, Quinn, Graham Capital, and Gracorp. At Graham Construction, there are over 1500 employees. The company also has a variety of job openings.

For the positions of Construction Project Manager, Communications Advisor, Construction Estimator, and Construction Superintendent, interested candidates may apply. Graham Construction employees have an average yearly pay between $66,608 and $93,329.

4. Banking Jobs in Top Canadian Companies

Working in the banking sector has several benefits. And if one gets a chance to work in one of the top banking bodies of Canada, it’s a great opportunity that must not be missed. A list of top Canadian banks and job posts is added below.

Royal Bank of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada, founded in Halifax in 1864, is the largest in capitalization and net income. The Royal Bank of Canada has more than 1,300 locations, 86,000 full-time employees, and more than 17 million customers globally. Additionally, the bank has a variety of career openings.

Client Associate, Expert Banking Advisor, Administrative Assistant, Client Representative, and Business Analyst positions are open to interested candidates. The Royal Bank of Canada's yearly compensation is, on average, C$63,697. The Royal Bank of Canada's annual compensation ranges from $40,949 to $99,030 on average.

Bank of Novia Scotia

The Bank of Nova Scotia, or Scotiabank, was founded in Halifax in 1832 and moved its headquarters to Toronto in 1900 to help the transatlantic trade industry. It is Canada's second-largest bank, with sales of C$31 billion and a capitalization of C$67 billion in 2020. The bank has over 900 locations around the nation, with 11 million clients inside and outside of the country and 92,000 full-time staff members. This bank offers to trade on the Toronto and New York Stock Exchanges. Additionally, the bank has a variety of career openings.

Administrative assistant, client representative, and operations officer positions are open to interested candidates. The average annual compensation, which includes base pay and bonuses, is $88,007, or $42 per hour, while the estimated median pay at Bank of Nova Scotia is $103,158, or $49 per hour. At Bank of Nova Scotia, Bookkeepers make an average pay of $41,671 per year, while Sales Representatives make an average salary of $116,344 per year.

Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

In 1961, the Imperial Bank of Canada and the Canadian Bank of Commerce merged to form The Canadian Imperial Bank. In 2020, the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is expected to generate C$18.7 billion in revenue on a capitalization of C$44 billion. More than 44,000 full-time employees, 1,100 branches across Canada, and more than 11 million customers worldwide are served by the bank. Additionally, the bank has a variety of career openings.

Administrative assistant, client representative, and investment advisor positions are open to interested candidates. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) pays an annual salary of $93,454. The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) average yearly wages range from $54,789 to $152,898.

Jobs in Canadian Government Companies

Interested overseas applicants can apply for several government employment openings in government companies based on their academic qualifications and areas of interest. The list below includes several prestigious Canadian government agencies and open positions.

Jobs in Canada Post

Canada Post, the nation's postal service, was founded in 1851. Its main office is in Canada's Ottawa. The government-owned company delivers over 11 billion mail annually to 15 million homes and businesses across Canada. It operates out of more than 20 significant Canadian locations. There are 6,600 post offices and several additional processing facilities across the nation. At Canada Post, more than 10,000 people work. The company also has a variety of job openings.

Interested candidates may apply for the positions of Letter Carrier, Delivery Agent, and Post Office Assistant. Employees at Canada Post Corporation make an average of C$23.45 per hour. At Canada Post Corporation, the hourly rate ranges from C$16.44 to C$37.83.


Metrolinx's headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, employs roughly 5000 people. The Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area's economics, sustainability, and general standard of living must all be improved by the transportation infrastructure built by Metrolinx, a body managed by the Ontario government. The company also has a variety of job openings. Interested Bus drivers, operations managers, and transportation managers all accept applications. Bus drivers make an average pay of about $66372 per year, whereas executive vice presidents make an average compensation of $213768 per year.

6. Jobs in Top Canadian Aviation Companies

Working in the aviation industry includes a good compensation package, insurance, security, etc. If a reputable Canadian aviation company offers the position, the benefits are multiplied by two. The top aviation firms in Canada have the following positions open, which interested candidates may choose from the list below:

Jobs at Airbus

Airbus has collaborated on ongoing research and technology projects leading the way in innovation with the National Research Council of Canada and other Canadian institutions. Airbus is well-represented in the Canadian aerospace industry thanks to its global leadership in commercial aircraft, helicopters, military, and space. After more than 35 years of business, it has grown to employ more than 3,800 people throughout Canada. The opportunity to participate in the Airbus Leadership University is one of the initiatives available to staff members who want to learn more about the aviation sector. The company also has a variety of job openings.

Interested For the jet maker and designer positions, candidates may apply. At Airbus, the typical annual pay is C$92,822. Salary ranges at Airbus typically range from C$65,346 to C$129,481 per year.


Boeing has significantly contributed to the aerospace industry and is well known worldwide. The Boeing Company of Canada manufactures aerospace components for commercial aircraft. The CH-47 Chinook helicopter is among the products it manufactures for the security, space, and defense industries. There are ten locations where Boeing is present in Canada, from Vancouver to Montreal. The company is firmly committed to innovation, change, and ongoing advancement in the aviation industry. The company also has a variety of job openings.

Candidates may submit applications for roles as aviation engineers, test pilots, accountants, managers, shipping and receiving experts, and service managers. Boeing employees in Canada typically make $27,924 a year, or $14.32 an hour. Entry-level jobs start at $23,849 annually, while the highest-paid individuals can make up to $42,647 annually.

Bombardier Inc.

Business aviation aircraft manufacturer Bombardier Inc. is considered a market leader in Canada. With its corporate headquarters in Montreal, Bombardier Inc. has over 7,800 workers across Canada. Bombardier Inc. has invested billions of dollars in producing outstanding airplanes. Over more than 30 years, it has designed and produced more than 4,900 commercial aircraft. The company also has a variety of job openings. For Customer Account Manager, Analyst, and Engineering Professional positions, interested candidates may submit an application (Masterlines Designer). The usual salary range at Bombardier is C$56,789 to C$115,477 per year.

Jobs in the Canadian IT Sector

If one plans to work in the IT industry, there is a lot of innovation and an elevated success rate. The best Canadian IT companies have posted several job openings below, where applicants can apply.

Jobs in Synergo Group

Custom software development firm The Synergo Group operates in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Germany, Romania, and the Netherlands. It first debuted in 2005. Synergo Group provides software and application design, development, and support for all phases, including concept, design, development, and deployment, for startups and corporate innovation teams. Synergo Group employs about 120 people. The company also has a variety of job openings.

Interested in the manager, construction director, software developer, and facilitator positions, candidates may apply. At Synergo Group, salaries range from C$ 39,000 to C$ 190,000.

Packetlabs Ltd.

In 2011, Mississauga, Canada's Packetlabs Ltd., a cybersecurity business, was founded. What best describes Packetlabs' operations is a Canadian penetration testing organization with cutting-edge skills that go above and beyond what the industry requires. With knowledgeable staff, they provide cybersecurity solutions to clients ranging from small businesses to large corporations in the advertising, educational, and financial services industries. Packetlabs Ltd. employs more than 300 people. The company also has a variety of job openings.

The positions of Information Security Analyst and DevOps Engineer are open to interested candidates. At Packetlabs Ltd., the average annual compensation ranges from C$45,000 to C$104,000.

8. Jobs in the Canadian Transport Sector

Following is a list of some of the top Canadian transportation firms that provide a variety of employment openings for interested people in light of the sector's rising expansion.

Jobs in Bison Transport

Bison is a reputable and well-run transportation firm in Canada. Bison Terminals are located in Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba, and Alberta. The services of the bison are offered all over Canada and in some regions of the United States. They are well known for taking good care of their drivers and having high-quality machinery. The working environment is friendly to employees. Bison Transport employs more than 4200 people. The company also has a variety of job openings.

Truck drivers, crane operators, car wash attendants, and owner-operator drivers can submit applications if interested. The typical salary scale for Bison Transport ranges from roughly $24,000 for a car wash attendant to $89,000 for a team driver. An owner-operator driver at Bison Transport can expect to make between $38.90 and $14.14 per hour in pay.

TFL International

TFI is a publicly traded transportation corporation having terminals across Canada, the United States, and Mexico. It is headquartered in Montreal, Quebec. It's a sizable business with lots of opportunities for machinery drivers to find employment. TFI International employs about 1700 people. The company also has a variety of job openings.

Programmer Analyst, Truck Driver, Operations Analyst, and Driver Manager/Dispatcher positions are open to interested candidates. TFI International's annual compensation ranges from C$37,206 to C$91,214.

Trimac Transportation

Tanker and bulk transportation are the areas of expertise for a Canadian firm founded in Calgary, Alberta. They operate a well-known transportation company with over 100 terminals throughout the United States and Canada. They are a well-known tanker and heavy machinery delivery company, so their compensation is quite competitive. Trimac Transportation employs more than 3000 people. The company also has a variety of job openings.

Interested candidates may apply for the positions of technician, machine operator, and project supervisor. Trimac Transportation typically pays technicians $15.44 per hour and owner-operators $102 per hour. Trimac Transportation's supervisors' annual salary varies from roughly $55,000 to $218,738.

9. Jobs in Canadian Insurance Companies

A career in the insurance industry has several advantages, including employment security, a wealth of prospects, and excellent growth potential. A handful of the best Canadian insurance businesses are listed here, along with employment openings.

Jobs in Canada Life Assurance Company

The merging of London Life and Canada Life into a single Canada life brand resulted in the formation of The Canada life assurance Company in 2019. It's an insurance company that provides citizens with various plans they can utilize in trying times. The Canada Life Assurance Company has more than 1500 staff members. The company also has a variety of job openings.

Candidates may apply for the positions of Tax Accountant, Financial Planner, and Claims Processor. The usual Canada Life salary ranges from roughly $31,578 per year for a claims processor to $71,959 per year for a financial adviser. An administrator at Canada Life typically makes $14.50 per hour, while a tax accountant makes $30.00.

RBC Life Insurance

RBC Insurance is a division of Royal Bank of Canada, one of North America's leading suppliers of a range of financial services. RBC Insurance offers life and health insurance, home, auto, and travel coverage in addition to various wealth and insurance advice and solutions. RBC Life Insurance employs more than 1200 people. The company also has a variety of job openings. Candidates may apply for the position of insurance advisor if they are interested. The average yearly wage for RBC Insurance Advisors in Canada is $63,215, which is 36% higher than the average for all occupations.

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Final Thoughts

Candidates interested in job openings with major Canadian companies should keep an eye on recruitment websites. When a company advertises a job opening, prospective candidates can visit the company's official website to get the official email address. The applicant interested in the position can email his or her résumé with the necessary paperwork and portfolio.