Sustainability Project Manager’s Job in Luxembourg

Turner Lovell in the country of Luxembourg is currently recruiting for an international energy company based in Germany who have the ambition to decarbonizes all of its international assets. The company has a turnover of +€5bn and has operations across Europe, the Middle East, and South America. The goal of this role is to create and execute strategies to develop nature base carbon offsetting projects in the international location where they have operations.

Sustainability Project Manager’s Job in Luxembourg

Luxembourg can be an ideal location to find jobs abroad, particularly within the financial services and communications sectors which are popular and lucrative for skilled workers who can maintain a sustainable working culture in Luxembourg.

The company is shortlisting an experienced Sustainability Project Manager with Carbon Offsetting Project experience who will lead the execution of various NBS projects compliant with global carbon offsetting standards to compensate for unavoidable emissions. In this role, you will have played a vital role in helping the company achieve Net Zero status by 2030.
As a foreigner to work in Luxembourg, you need what we call a work visa. 

What is a work visa?

Work visas allow individuals to travel to another country to work there.

In most cases, a work visa or permit is mandatory to accept employment in a foreign state. There are some exceptions, such as in blocs of countries with a policy of freedom of movement (like the EU).

Work visas are usually temporary but may be renewed. Some countries issue permanent work permits or allow holders to change to a residence visa after a certain period.

A work visa is a type of visa that grants the holder authorization to accept employment in a foreign country. It may be issued as a stamp in the passport or as a separate document. Below are the eligibility for the country work visa:

Eligibility for getting Luxembourg Work Visa:

In order to be eligible to apply for a work visa in the country, you will have to meet the following eligibility criteria.

  • Be a genuine traveler-You must have a valid and good intention behind traveling to the country.
  • Eligible to bear all expenses -You must possess sufficient funds to support yourself and any dependents throughout the stay.
  • Reasons to return - You must have strong ties in your home country to ensure that you will return after your stay.
  • Be of good character - You must have a clean criminal track record and be of good character. You may have to provide PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) for the same.
  • Be in good health -You must at least meet the minimum health requirements required by the authorities.

Work Visa Requirements:

You need to prepare the documents listed below for your work visa application:

  1. Work visa application form.
  2. Your passport with a six-month validity period.
  3. Identity pictures.
  4. Proof of financial means.
  5. Health insurance for foreign workers.
  6. Work contract.
  7. Resume and proof of work experience.
  8. Letters of recommendation from previous employers.
  9. Marriage certificate (if applying with a spouse).
  10. Children’s birth certificates (if applying with children).
  11. Other supporting documents as required by the visa office.

What is sustainability?

Sustainability consists of fulfilling the needs of current generations without compromising the needs of future generations while ensuring a balance between economic growth, environmental care, and social well-being.

Sustainability is a societal goal that broadly aims for humans to co-exist on planet Earth for a long time safely. Specific definitions of sustainability are difficult to agree on and therefore vary in the literature and over time. This concept can guide decisions at the global, national, and individual levels (e.g. sustainable living). In everyday usage of the term, sustainability is often focused on the environmental aspects.

What is a project?

A project is any undertaking, carried out individually or collaboratively and possibly involving research or design, that is carefully planned to achieve a particular aim.

A project is a set of tasks that must be completed to arrive at a particular goal or outcome. Depending on the size and scope of the project, these tasks may be simple or elaborate, but all projects can be broken down into objectives and what needs to be done to achieve them.

What is a manager?

Management is the administration of an organization, whether it is a business, a non-profit organization, or a government body. It is the art and science of managing the resources of the business.

A manager is a professional who takes a leadership role in an organization and manages a team of employees. Often, managers are responsible for managing a specific department in their company. There are many types of managers, but they usually have duties like conducting performance reviews and making decisions. Managers are often the line of communication between a company's employees and its high-level executives.

Who is a sustainability manager?

A Sustainability Manager is an individual that is responsible for ensuring that organizations set and meet environmental goals. They develop green policies and initiatives that emphasize the proper use of environmental resources with a focus on sustaining these resources for future generations. As a sustainability manager, your duties include the research, development, and implementation of policies that improve the organization’s environmental impact without detracting from other business goals. You are also responsible for ensuring adherence to all laws and industry regulations.

What is a sustainability Project Manager?

A sustainable project manager is an individual who manages a project by employing a collection of diverse but integrated competencies to deliver on the objectives detailed in the business case. This is done by using and tailoring the appropriate methods, tools, and techniques for leading the project team, engaging stakeholders, and progressing the project while still safeguarding society, the environment, and human rights.

Sustainable project managers contribute to organizational goals while navigating complex cultures and dynamics to create benefits that support short- and long-term business strategies while simultaneously addressing our planetary constraints. As such, sustainable project managers have an important role to play as advocates, advisors, ambassadors, and architects of a better world. Turner Lovell in the country of Luxembourg, Let's look at the requirements for this job position.

Job Requirements:

  • University degree or masters in environmental sciences, environmental engineering, sustainability, forestry, or a comparable degree.
  • 5+ years of professional experience preferable in the field of carbon offsetting, particularly in the execution of nature-based solutions.
  • At least 2 years as a Project Manager -with management skills to lead cross-functional and multi-cultural project teams provided expertise in contract negotiations.
  • Previous experience identifying, developing, and implementing international offsetting projects in the area of nature-based solutions preferable to forestation/reforestation/forest protection projects.
  • Practical knowledge of carbon credit programs, standards, and certification.
  • Fluent written and spoken English skills and others e.g. German, Russian or Spanish, are an advantage.

This is an excellent opportunity to work with an international energy company with a committed strategy to achieve Net Zero. You will be able to create and deliver large scales international projects to Gold Standard / VCS carbon offsetting standards. In this role, the forefront of developing and managing nature-based climate mitigation activities, and you will have visibility to senior executives so that you can influence the company's sustainability strategy.

Job Responsibilities:

Sustainability project managers have a wide range of responsibilities, which can include:

  1. Establishing goals and objectives for projects to ensure success
  2. Ensuring that projects are completed on time, within budget, and with high-quality results
  3. Reviewing project plans to ensure that they meet regulatory requirements and company standards
  4. Coordinating with project team members to determine how best to implement the project plan
  5. Communicating with senior management to ensure that they are aware of progress on the project
  6. Coordinating with stakeholders during the implementation phase to ensure that they are satisfied with the results
  7. Managing teams of staff members to ensure that they achieve their objectives within the timeframe established by management
  8. Reviewing data samples to determine whether they are representative of the population being measured
  9. Conducting research to identify causes of problems, possible solutions, and potential outcomes of various actions.

Sustainability Manager Salary Structure in Luxembourg:


Salary Range:

Sustainability Specialist salaries in Luxembourg range from 3,680 EUR per month (minimum salary) to 11,400 EUR per month (maximum salary).

Median Salary:

The median salary is 7,350 EUR per month, which means that half (50%) of people working as Sustainability Specialist(s) are earning less than 7,350 EUR while the other half are earning more than 7,350 EUR. The median represents the middle salary value. Generally speaking, you would want to be on the right side of the graph with the group earning more than the median salary.


Closely related to the median are two values: the 25th and the 75th percentiles. Reading from the salary distribution diagram, 25% of Sustainability Specialists (s) are earning less than 4,960 EUR while 75% of them are earning more than 4,960 EUR. Also from the diagram, 75% of Sustainability Specialist(s) are earning less than 9,370 EUR while 25% are earning more than 9,370 EUR.

Work culture in Luxembourg:

The workplace is traditionally hierarchical and decision-making is often rational and pragmatic. Punctuality and deadlines are serious business in Luxembourg, in both professional and social contexts.

Meetings tend to be brief and have the purpose of formalizing decision-making that has already been done. In addition to this, dress codes tend to be formal and conservative.

Labor laws and labor rights in Luxembourg:

In terms of employment contracts, Luxembourg is similar to other EU countries with permanent contracts (CDI), fixed-term contracts (CDD), part-time contracts, and learning/apprenticeship contracts as the norm.

In general, a full-time working week in Luxembourg is 40 hours. The maximum number of hours you can work in a week is 48, plus there is also a daily limit of 10 hours’ work except in special cases.

Each employee in Luxembourg receives 10 public holidays a year, however, you can work on these days in return for an extra salary. Full-time employees must also receive 25 days of paid leave each year.

Notice periods for those on permanent contracts are one month for employees of less than five years, two months for those who have been employed for between 5–10 years, and three months for employees of over 10 years. This is slightly different for those on fixed-term or part-time contracts. Notice periods are also shorter during probation or trial periods.

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The article "Sustainability Project Manager's Job in Luxembourg" calls for international suitable qualified applicants for the availability of this job position in Turner Lovell company in the country.

The article further explains eligibility for a work visa in the country, the requirements, the meaning of project manager, sustainability, manager, the salary structure, the work culture in the country.

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