Apply Now! Jobs in the Netherlands for Students 2023

For students eager to work and support themselves, the Netherlands offers a variety of job alternatives. Students' occupations focus exclusively on creating flexible schedules so they can work while attending classes; the nation that represents various Job Opportunities has made that feasible by creating employment. Continue reading to learn about all the positions in the Netherlands that provide students with good salaries and details that will work nicely with their study schedules.

Apply Now! Jobs in the Netherlands for Students 2023

The Netherlands is a nation in northwest Europe with a flat topography home to canals, tulip fields, windmills, and bicycle paths. The Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum, and the house where Jewish diarist Anne Frank hid during World War II are all located in Amsterdam, the country's capital. From the city's "Golden Age" in the 17th century, canalside homes and a collection of artwork by Rembrandt and Vermeer are still standing.

The majority of off-campus employment in the Netherlands is in the service industry, including waitressing, delivery, servers, cooks, housekeeping, tutoring at home, administrative support, substitute teaching, IT positions at tech firms or startups, jobs in entertainment and recreation, and handling or influencing social media. To pay for their education and living expenses, many students in the Netherlands work part- or full-time in addition to their various degrees, giving them work experience.

Jobs in the Netherlands for Students

These are the available job opportunities in the Netherlands for international students.

Trader Graduate

You will finish a rigorous 12-month training course led by our most skilled traders, which includes theory instruction, educational workshops, simulated trading, project work, and programming classes. You will learn the abilities necessary to trade using the newest tools. We want to give you responsibility for the profit and loss of your book as soon as you are prepared, so you will rotate through several desks before you discover your ideal team.


  • Outstanding math skills.
  • Competitiveness and a solid grasp of statistics and probability
  • with a strong interest in financial markets and a desire to learn.
  • Excellent analytical abilities and the capacity for original problem-solving.
  • Strong interpersonal skills and a desire to collaborate.
  • Either a master's or undergraduate final-year student.
  • Programming knowledge in languages like Python, VBA, SQL, R, C++, or C#.

Office Management

As the office manager, you'll be instrumental in organizing our Dutch office, which is situated in the heart of Amsterdam and has a sizable garden (250sqm). You'll streamline our current procedures and ensure that standards and metrics are established and enhanced over time.


  • Maintaining office supplies and expenses inventory, placing orders as necessary, and helping manage vendor relationships.
  • Help employees who have grievances or concerns with the office space or infrastructure.
  • Take responsibility for maintaining a clean workplace that complies with government-mandated coronavirus prevention measures.
  • Plan rewards and events (e.g., team lunches, online team events, etc.).
  • Whenever an office-related issue arises, be the first point of contact and seek out the best solution.
  • Overseeing office employee management and leading intra-office communication techniques.
  • When guests come to the office, greet them and offer assistance to ensure they have a positive first experience.


  • You pay close attention to detail and are a skilled problem-solver.
  • You are familiar with office management's duties, practices, and systems.
  • You are well-organized and have good planning abilities.
  • You know team dynamics and how to inspire and assist them.
  • You are an expert computer user who is familiar with office suites.

The hourly wage, on average, is about €10.

How to Apply for Jobs in the Netherlands for Students

Below is the step-by-step guide for international students applying for job opportunities in the Netherlands.

  • When directed to the official website, search for a job at the application link below.
  • You can use the search box, divided into various categories, to filter the job of your interest.
  • Review the job advertisement and role description.
  • Make sure you meet all the requirements before proceeding
  • Select the ‘Apply Online button.
  • Complete and submit your application.
  • Check that you’ve received an email confirming your application.

Benefits of Jobs in the Netherlands for International Students

The nation is a melting pot of cultures, so working as an international student has several advantages. In the Netherlands, there are several ways to find student employment. The following are the main advantages of employment for foreign students in the Netherlands:


Meeting People

It typically occurs when any international student spends time with other international students because they may stay in the same place or travel to the institution together. Additionally, when working for a company that offers part-time jobs in the Netherlands, you can make new friends from other European nations and develop vital networking to aid international students in pursuing their career goals.

Work Experience

Today, gaining experience is crucial since it is essential to success. International students will benefit from jobs in the Netherlands as they learn more about Dutch culture. While a student's employment varies from company to firm, it's always a good idea to broaden your education and experience base. If you think you might like something, working in that field for a while can help you figure out if you like it and how you approach a work environment, interact with others, and solve problems.

CV Building

It is common knowledge that a CV with experience is far superior to a basic one today. International students can improve their CVs by working part-time in the Netherlands, enabling them to switch occupations and make decent money.

Things to Know Before Finding Jobs in the Netherlands as an International Student

We won't lie to you: it's not always simple for overseas students to find employment in the Netherlands. However, planning will be beneficial if you want to secure your ideal career in the Netherlands.

Here are the significant things you need to know while preparing to find a job in the Netherlands.

Finding a job in the Netherlands is difficult.

It might be challenging for foreigners to get employment in the Netherlands. It is one of the nations with the highest population densities in Europe. Many individuals scramble to find homes and jobs combined with the ongoing housing shortage. That does not mean you will never be able to obtain employment in the Netherlands. Several Dutch businesses employ foreign workers. Every day, students find work; some are fortunate enough to do so immediately. It's critical to realize that, while challenging, obtaining a job in the Netherlands is by no means impossible.

You can find from job anywhere, not just in the Netherlands.

It's not unheard of for an international to land a Dutch job abroad, especially in fields with high demand, like engineering, technology, and medicine. After all, interviews can be conducted online, and if a company thinks you'd be a good fit, they might even pay for your flight there.

You need to prepare well in advance.

Getting ready is essential if you're thinking about working and living in the Netherlands. The first thing on your to-do list should be to arrange for a work visa (if you are an EU citizen, you can skip this step; you're set to go). To keep everything legal, do this in addition to setting up a registration appointment with your local government. One of the following actions should be opening a bank account, and you have a few alternatives for selecting a Dutch bank and doing so to get your new Dutch pay. Remember that purchasing Dutch health insurance is mandatory if you plan to work and live in the Netherlands.

Your travel costs are covered most of the time.

You won't have to worry about a long commute eating up half of your salary because most employers will reimburse you for all your travel expenses monthly. Many other organizations provide other reimbursements to encourage employees to maintain their physical and mental health outside the job, such as covering a portion of their gym or club fees.

Final Thoughts

The article contains essential information regarding job opportunities in the Netherlands For Students to start applying before the deadline. You can experience a favorable dimension to your life while working in the Netherlands after your search, application, and hiring.

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