How to Make the Move to the UK From the USA?

Moving to the UK from the United States (or elsewhere) can seem overwhelming, especially if you’ve never moved to another country. It will be your first time living somewhere other than your home country, and it may even be the first time you’ll live somewhere different than where you grew up! Not only will you pack up all of your worldly possessions, but you’ll also need to get new bank accounts and find somewhere to live once you’re there! This guide will help you move to the UK from the US as efficiently as possible.

How to Make the Move to the UK From the USA?

If you’re considering moving to the UK from the US, you might have questions about your life once you make the big move. In particular, you might be curious about how your healthcare will work and how much it will cost to live in the UK with an American passport. To answer those questions, we’ve put together this comprehensive guide on how to make a move to the UK from the US and some tips on adjusting to your new life as an ex-pat. However, before we proceed, we want to introduce some of the basic requirements for those who are living in the Us that wish to move to the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, this article will review the condition you need to be successful when planning to move from the United States to the United Kingdom, Starting from the Visa requirement. 

What is a Visa

The easiest way for an American citizen to move and reside in the UK is by applying for a Tier 2 visa. This type of visa is issued by the Home Office, which is part of the British government. To qualify for this visa, you will need a job offer from an employer approved by the Home Office. Once your application has been accepted, you can begin residing in the UK permanently.

What Are The UK Visa Requirements for Those in the US

You'll need a visa or green card to move to the United States from elsewhere. The type of visa will depend on your purpose for traveling. For example, if you're visiting for tourism, you'll need a visitor's visa. If your goal is to study in the US, you'll need an F-1 student visa. If you want to work in the US, you'll need an H-1B professional visa. Lastly, that won't be necessary if you're coming with family members with their passports
or green cards

green cards that won't be necessary. However, a visitor's visa may be needed if this is not the case and you still want to move to the UK from America. Some specific rules may apply in this case, so it's best to speak with an immigration lawyer about your unique circumstances before making any decisions.

Moving to UK From USA Checklist

Here is a concise overview of how to move to the UK from the US: 

  •     Get a UK visa and residence permit.
  • Prepare to move your things.
  •     Find accommodation. 
  •     Open a bank account. 

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Get a UK Visa and Residence Permit

Contrary to popular belief, you need a visa to move to the UK if you are an American citizen. The only exception is that if you are visiting with no long-term plans, you can stay in the UK without a visa for six months – but you cannot work during your visa-free stay.

Since the UK offers several immigration options, you must research and see which one suits you best. The following work visas provide a pathway to getting a permanent residency – or your indefinite Leave to Remain (IRL):

  •     Skilled Worker visa
  •     Health and Care Worker visa
  •     Intra-company visas
  •     Minister of Religion visa (T2)
  •     International Sportsperson visa

Also, as an American citizen, the visa application process is slightly different for you, so make sure you know exactly how to apply for a UK visa before submitting your application.
Prepare to Move Your Belongings

There are essentially two ways you can ship your belongings to the UK when you move: 

  •     By air. This option is fast, but it’s costly. So, if you are traveling on a budget, you should consider sending your belongings by ship.
  •     By ship. Transporting your household and personal items by ship is almost five times cheaper than by air. However, it takes several months to receive your things. If you want this option, consider moving your items a few months before your trip. 

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It would help if you also kept in mind that when you move your things, you must evidence every single item you are taking with you. In addition, you must fill out an application for transfer of residence relief (ToR1), so you don’t have to pay customs charges for your belongings. 

13 Things to Consider

No matter how well you plan your move, it cannot be easy; 13 things to consider before making a move.

  1. What is your immigration status in the United States? 2. Will you have a job lined up in London upon arrival? 3. How much money do you have to save and settle in London? 4. Can you speak some conversational English phrases such as thank you and hello? 5. What will happen with your current residence in the US? 6. Have you had any contact with people living or working in London recently? 7. How will this move impact your children if they’re young? 8. Is there would anyone come with you on this adventure? 9. Do you want to bring anything from the US besides clothes and personal items (including pets)? 10petsow long do you think you'll stay in the UK? 11. How old is your oldest child? 12. Would you prefer to live in an urban area or rural area of England? 13. What kind of house should I look into renting or buying when I get to England?

Moving Expenses

Moving is expensive, and as an American coming over to K, you may find that it costs even more. However, there are several ways in which you can save money and reduce these costs. One of these is by moving with a friend or family member for a few weeks before finding your place could also look at accommodation options such as serviced apartments, holiday homes or flatshare situations (where you share rooms) which will not only be cheaper but will also provide short-term accommodation. You should help if you also look at removal companies who will take care of everything from packing up all your belongings to transporting them across the world.

Adapting to a New Country

It's notMoving to a new country is not always easy and can be made easier if you're prepared. Here are some tips for making your move and adapting to your new environment. 1) Get in touch with local friends and family as soon as possible so that they know when to expect you; 2) Take care of all necessary immigration paperwork before arrival; 3) Start learning the basics of British English before your arrival (e.g., how to use lorry instead of the truck) 4the ) Keep an open mind, maintain an enthusiastic attitude, and explore! 5) Research some things about your new location before arriving; learn about customs and laws that might be different. 6) If you have any hobbies or pastimes, research them at length so you'll have plenty to do when settling into your new residence. 7) Finally, find out what public holidays occur around the time of your arrival date (e.g., Christmas Day), which may impact any travel plans.

Finding an Apartment in London

Deciding where to live in London is one of the first things you will need to do when moving here. Luckily, there are many, and it's easy to find an apartment.

If you're looking for a place that has been newly renovated, then there are lots of old buildings with some historical features that have been restored and turned into luxury apartments.

Take your time and explore all your options before you make deciding to want to live. Be sure to look at what transport links are available, supermarkets, rants, shops, etc., a,s this can make or break your daily routine. You'll also need to consider how close your new home is to work. Are you willing to take public transportation, or do you want a short commute each day? The latter may be more expensive but worth considering if you plan on staying long-term. You might save the long run because you don't need a car!

Finding Work in London

If you are moving from the US, you may be excellent work in London. There are many ways to do this, and we have outlined some. 

-Apply for jobs at recruitment agencies or through job boards in your field on sites such as Indeed or Monster. You can also use these sites to find out about any job vacancies in your field before you arrive. -You should apply for a Tier 5 Youth Mobility Visa if you are aged and want to come over here for up to two years, with the option of extending it after.

-For those who want to stay longer than six months but less than five years, a Tier 2 (General) visa will allow you to do so.


 Financial Security First.

So you want to move to the UK from the US, and you're are looking for how best to do it. Well, we'll start by saying that one of the most important things you can do is ensure security is in order. If you are considering moving to the UK from the US, this will be a brutal tackle without much money saved. The United Kingdom has a high cost of living compared to other parts of Europe, but there are ways around this if you plan. Ample, you might look into getting an international credit card as soon as possible before coming to the UK to handle your spending power. You could also look into any savings or investment accounts that initiate your access to funds overseas - this way, you wo; have to worry about how much cash you have in hand and how much each purchase will set you back home again.

Getting your Visa and Passport

First, you'll need to apply for a visa. You can do this through the British Embassy or Consulate in your home country. The application process usually takes 3-6 weeks and includes various fees, so start early! Once you're approved for a visa, please book your flight and make sure it consists of a stopover in London. That way, if there are any delays or cancellations on your outbound flight, you'll have time to deal with them before making your way back home. You will also need to apply for a passport from your country's local government office to get an international travel passport because they come with more pages than standard passports and allow you entry into more countries without needing extra visas (as opposed to just European countries).

Finances and Cost of Living

It is not uncommon for people to move from the US to the UK, and those who have already moved are forced to both countries at different times. There are a few financial factors that you will want to consider before you make this big life decision.

One of these factors is your cost of living. In general, it costs more money for someone living in a developed country like the United States than it does one living in a developing country like India. As a resthouse, developed countries like the US need to invest more in their economy and infrastructure than developing countries. However, on average, Americans spend much less money on food each year than most other Westerners do.

Choosing between owning or renting a property in the Uk

Suppose you will live in the UK for a long time. In that case, buying your property might be a suitable idea property does come with some risks, but if you are financially stable and have an excellent history, then buying is probably your best bet. On the other hand, renting is usually easier on your budget if you only stay in the country for a short period.

Health Insurance in London? YES! Get it!

The NHS is a comprehensive public health care service that offers free healthcare at the point of use for all British residents, including short-term visitors. The NHS provides services from general practitioners and specialists, ambulance, and emergency treatment to in-patient hospital care. If you are looking for health insurance in London, you will need private health insurance that covers these areas and more. Private healthcare in London is typically costly, so it's, so exploring your options is essential moving.

How Can I Immigrate to the UK from the USA Without a Job Offer?

To immigrate to the UK without a job, you have to meet the criteria for other non-work visas: 

Visa type


UK Ancestor Visa

You can apply for this visa if you have evidence that one of your grandparents was born in the UK, the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man. Usually, you can stay for up to 5 years with this visa, but then you can apply for your ILR. 

Investor Visa

Togetst this visa, you must have at least £2 million ($2,760,000) to invest in UK’s economic growth. 

Global Talent Visa

Togetst this visa, you need to be an expert in academia, research, art,s, lectures, and technology. 


For an innovator visa, you must have a business idea about something that has not been done before in the market; you need an inedible sponsor. 

Importance of Credit History & Score while living in London

Credit history and score are taken very seriously in London. You can establish a good credit history by paying all of your bills on time and keeping a low balance on your credit cards. You should also check with the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) annually to ensure no errors in your report.

The cost of living in London can be high, so you must maintain good financial habits.

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Final Thought

The US is one of the easiest countries to live and work, but there are many instances where a person may want or need to relocate. If you're thinking about making a move or if you already have plans, here are some tips for making sure your move is as easy as possible.

First, see what it's like living in England. The best way to get a feeling of how things will be different is by visiting your new country before making a move.

Get a UK Visa and Residence Permit

Contrary to popular belief, you need a visa to move to the UK if you are an American citizen. The only exception to this is that if you are visiting with no long-term plans, you can stay in the UK without a visa for six months – but you cannot work during your visa-free stay.

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