Friday, August 7, 2020

8 Signs That Your Smartphone Is Making You Dumb

In our world today, a smartphone is something everyone must-have. It is a symbol that must be shown that we possess. However, while our...

7 Best Voice Recorder App for Android And iOS Users

Best Voice Recorder App for Android and iOS Users. Thanks to a multitude of discoveries in the computer and smartphone world, the technology has developed...

Top 7 Hacks To Speed Up Your Android Phone

As much as you utilize your smartphone over time, it keeps slowing down and the reason behind that maybe you probably have too many...

Top 5 best Calorie Counter App 2020

Burning calories through exercise, subscribing to the most recent obesity diet, or counting the calories of each morsel that passes your lips - these...

How To Quickly Switch To Your Previous App on Android

In this post How to quickly switch to your previous app on Android. Multitasking through Multi-Window mode in android nougat is...

10 Best Neckband Headphones In 2020

Is this your first time of hearing about neckband headphones? If yes, you’ll need somewhere to start. What are neckband headphones, why are they important....

FaceTime: Everything You Need to Know

FaceTime is a video and audio chatting platform developed by Apple Inc. It allows iPhone users to communicate with one another through the standard FaceTime...

How To Change Spotify Username [2 Ways]

How To Change Spotify Username. If you’re frustrated with the random numbers claiming your identity on Spotify, we have some terrible news for you. Spotify...

11 Best Podcast App for Android and IOS Users 2020

If you're using an iPhone to listen to podcasts, you'll likely be using the Apple Podcast app. It works fine ... first. But there are...

How To Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software [6 Simple Ways]

How To Download YouTube Videos Without Any Software. YouTube has been a popular directory of videos, music, and movies. Though the YouTube app provides...

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